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[CLOSED] Moderator Applications (Thread) - Page 4

GSLDKJGLSKJFLSDKjFSLSLDFKJSLKDFSDKLSKD. Just when I thought about returning to CL and applying... Mod apps are closed.


@Jou: OMG That doesn't mean you can't still return!! >.<

Well, considering that you've just returned, I don't think it would have worked out anyway, so don't frown

We're working through the Apps at the moment, got some candidates picked already, so expect an update on all this really soon~

aww closed, can't apply anymore, too bad. /jk
Well to all applicants good luck or rather hope you thought well about all this because no matter how hectic and busy your real life gets you will have to attend to CL as well. Moderator positions aren't just for status, more fun and fits 'n giggles, some really hard work might come your way if our dear staff members decide that you're up to the task (for now).

That being said, please give it ya all to make this community a better place for everyone in the future. *bows*

@Pandamari NEVER FEAR. I'LL BE HERE. <333

@DarkChaplain LOLOLOLOLOL. Good point.

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