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Had any REAL life Durarara!! moments? (Thread)

Mine was when I was with my friend. And this random guy got mad at us because we "dropped" a toy that was really expensive, but it wasn't broken. So while he was watching and smoking, he throw his cig on the ground hard, smashed on it, and yelled to us with a really angry tone, "what did you just do?!?!" and then I said, "Oh, sorry we dropped it. It's not broken." But then he came up to us and before he did, we started to run. And I mean literally running away from him. So he chased after us! Until we went into Macy's to take cover. And instantly my friend was like, "That should have been Shizuo doing that." And of course I agreed.

So What's YOUR REAL LIFE Durarara!! moment?

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