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Mu Kicking game A flash project (Thread)

so while talking to DC and Acos (more so eavesdropping really) i decided to uphold the timeless tradition our Dark chaplain has made for us

Kicking Mu

This game will be a flash project and i dont intend to start on it without some knowledge of coding! I am good at frame-by-frame animation however coding is a different story altogether, so it may take some time to make and when i say time expect me 2 months at the least.

now on Game characteristics ive though on alot of things

but basicly this game is very very simple: You kick Mu in the ass and see him fly

i dont expect this to be the next epic battle fantasy 3, im just doing for the hell of it and this site kinda needs a change of moods and it just so happens kicking Mu is a stress reliever actually i might even put in some banhammer/banshovel action as well!

how the game will work is with DC kicking Mu however their will be unlockable characters including Acos, Myself, Kirn and maybe more mods kicking known undesirables.

Please note that i do not own flash CS5 and can only use the demo the site will provide me with, which will by the way only last for 30 days however i will devote myself to this project and do look forward to giving you a fun game on kicking Mu.

An update for now.

I now have a good solid idea on how the game will go, in Theory.
how it will go is that you sneak Kick Mu who will fly into the air on a distance, meanwhile you will dash and kick him higher and higher the longer you keep him up the better your score.
I will involve a multitude of characters
and powers ups! il list up what i came up with below and for the sake of satisfaction id love you guys to give me suggestions.


Mu- Lovable kick toy
DarkChaplain- Default character and epic voice of reason
Acostoss- unlocked by playing once, another epic voice of reason
Rasche_The_Red- take way too many pills! and he's there Cause im spoiling myself
Kirn- use 30 shovels to unlock, i could'tn add in the shovel power up without him holding a shovel permanetly!
Spooky- secret to unlock, He has a gun :3



Power ups

The BAN-Shovel:
Will make Mu fly higher but eventually breaks after 3 uses

The oldfag pipe:
I dont know yet this has to be here

giggle derp pills:
Unknown effect as of yet im wondering if it should be random while you hear the character giggle/laugh maniacly or derply

:D another yet undecided


I certainly CANNOT leave now.
Need to see how history is gonna be written >:]

This has my official seal of approval~

Have I finally found a WoW and Minecraft replacement?!



I love this idea. <3

ban-shovel powerups would be so freaking cool ;A;

X _O!!!!! Oh my god!

Im already sketching up some of the characters for the game X _O! i did'nt expect this much support! Thansk guys! I will list up updates on the project

I'm counting on this~ <3

This sound EPIC!

What programming language do you plan to write this in? I'd LOVE to help if I could be of any. :)

Java...hopefully not

asides that ive used some coding in flash CS3 before so hopefully il just do that, im absolutely dreadfully terrified of Java. its like im trying to learn atlantian.

guess the game system could be just lke one of those vertical golf shooter thingys, not? then you simply have to do the graphics as the system is already well-established..


oh shit can't wait

ahaha if there's a final boss level...I wonder who it'd be

I will play that game xD

OK that is epic!
Check out my post
you can really easily make games i think this will reduce your working time drastically :D

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