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Chat's still broken (Thread)

Take a look at the image.
If you're curious on my browser, it's Firefox 4, which should be fully supported.

I can't seem to find a pattern as to why this happens. Sometimes a long message would come out and look normal, and other times it won't. Either way, this isn't so cool.

Another thing, if I'm in the modboard forum and I choose to make a new thread, it should be made in the modboard forum instead of defaulting to random. Same with any other place.

Yeah, the firefox chat-post fuckup is very uncool.
And the thread-in-board issue has been there for a while now too.

Shigeru +1

Hopefully they'll be fixed in v3.

For the first bug, it seems to be fixed. As for the second, I'll pass it along to Gargron, and see what we can do.

@Admin it's not fixed, and I still have the same problem.

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