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The Amazing, Semi-Coherent, One Paragraph Per Post Story! (Thread)

Rules: Okay, this little writing game is simple. You must continue the story that is about to be started here by only using one paragraph. My definition of paragraph is a coherent group of 5-10 sentences or so (flexible). Try to keep this PG-13. No overtly sexual stuff, don't be too stupid, though semi-ridiculous humor is allowed, and while I'm okay with violence, don't be so gory it's stupid. So, without further ado, allow me to start.

Leland Gunn deftly dodged the baseball bat swung at him by the deranged man wearing the eyeholed paper bag over his head. He couldn't quite figure out what was going on ever since he woke up on a gurney dressed in embarrasingly purple scrubs, in the middle of a grungy-looking hospital. This bag-man had been chasing him since a few minutes after he woke up. Leland tried to keep his wits about him, but was starting to become dizzy from the exertion. As the bag-man slammed the baseball bat, Leland swayed to the side, the bat striking a glancing blow on his shoulder. As the young man wearily clutched the injury, the bag-man raised the bat over his head, seemingly preparing for the final blow...

So, you want us to make your story so you can become a famous writer ha?...Hehe you little devil!

Don't mind me folks, contunue the story.

Lol no, I write my own stuff. This is just a variation of a game I play on another forum that I though we'd enjoy here lol.

Chill dude I was just making cynic jokes ^_^. I'll see how thing evolve and then I will contribute, though I don't have productive imagination. *sigh*

I'm told I am too serious. Hm.

@GMYui: the productivity of your imagination depends on your compatibility with your current environment ^^

On to the story:

To Leland, the picture of his brain splattered all over the bat seemed as inevitable as tomorrow's sunrise. He instinctively raised his arms in an attempt to buy himself a few more seconds. He waited and waited for what seemed to be an eternity but the bat just wasn't coming down. Carefully looking up, he noticed a thin crimson stream coming down the bag-man's neck, soaking his partially torn collar. The bag-man coughed, splatting blood on the inside of the paper bag. Leland took this chance to try to escape, but as soon as he started moving, the bag-man leaned forward. Once again, he figured this is as far as he goes. The bag man kept leaning until finally falling over lifelessly.

"Dude, you scared the shit out of me."

Leland scrambled away from the gruesome scene, hoping that the bag-man didn't have friends and hoping they didn't think that Leland killed him. As he stumbled through the cold, gray halls of this twisted hospital, his mind was racing for answers. One second, he was in for an appendectomy and put under. The next, he's being chased around by a masked maniac weilding a dangerous sports tool. Shaking his head, he continued his journey, when all of a sudden,a hallway door slammed open, hitting him square in the face.

The white flash in his head soon faded to the flickering light of the half broken beam bolted to the ceiling. It was as if he had just awoken again, except this time there was a numb pain in his shoulder to convince Leland that this was not a dream, however comforting that thought could be. Gradually, he forced himself up elbow first, ready to find a way out of this godforsaken hospital when he looked down the newly revealed corridor and saw under the one flickering light in the otherwise eerie dimness, a girl. Though she donned a pure black dress which sweeped the floor behind her and stood stood still looking down at the space a few inches in front of her feet, the dark brunette curls with some front few tightly done in a neat plait, the pale dotted skin and the thin twig-like arms were unmistakeable.


"You did it again..." she responded coldly. Her hand wandered to her upper arm, where it anchored for safety. Unable to look forwards, she scanned the dull patterns that covered the floor. Leland simply laid back on the bed, the wrist restraints wouldn't allow much else. He didn't even try to look at her though; he knew what had happened. He knew that she knew. Leland was certain that everybody knew, and it would be back to the shock pads and experimental medicines. "It's funny really... I don't feel like a crazy man." He said, calm as a frozen lake. Maybe it was the depressants, perhaps acceptance. "When I get that way, I don't feel like a killer. Or at least, I don't remember feeling that way. My memory is always distant, watching it happen before me. Like somebody else is murdering, not me. I wake up a new person, confused and scared. Then before I know it-" The thought of bag wearing man's death interrupts the sentence. His muscles stress and wince, sympathetically. He groans as a sharp pain radiates from his shoulder.

(Sorry if my writing is bad, it's been a while.)

He feel pain, unbearable pain. There is something in his arm. It crawls around creating a wound underneath the skin. Its jagged edges rip up muscles, arteries, veins, anything within its path to freedom. The lady watches, smirking. She doesn't raise a hand to help. And before he knows it, he's chuckling as well. Hollow laughter vibrates off the the padded walls and ceiling seemingly growing in magnitude with every injury. Now it is his chest that hurts, the creature still crawls, and everything suddenly makes sense again.

(Seriously, what the hell did I write? My writing skills also still need a lot of work...)

Leland stares as the skin on his chest rips open and the creature pops out and crawls away swiftly. After a moment of utter confusion Leland realizes it must've been another of those illusions he's been having lately. The girl didn't even notice it crawling over her feet and the wound on his chest is gone. The spot on his shoulder the bat glanced is thumping in pain again. Leland finally turns his eyes to the girl. "You know, you're kinda cute when you're quiet like that" he said with a faint grin.

The girl says nothing in response. Her jaw clamped down, contorting the back of her cheek. Thoughts circled in her head like a twisted merry go round. The horses laughing and screaming simultaneously, wearing white coats and straight jackets. "I don't know how much longer I can keep this up dear. I don't know what to think any more. There are so many things I don't know..." she whispered, just loud enough to be heard over the whirring of industrial fans and busy footsteps. She still refused to look at him. To see his face was more than she could take, unless she wanted to end up in here as well.

She turned her back against Leland and walked away. He was all alone again. He couldn't believe he'd done it again. The madness had since long left him, the only traces left were these illusions. Something about the bag-masked man was very strange. And when did he even get tied up in this bed? Leland closed his eyes and focused. Was this all just another illusion? No. It was too real. He opened his eyes again and looked out through the window into the black night. "What's happening to me..?"

Leland's vision suddenly began to jump around to random images, with static was invading his mind or something. The young man tried to close his eyes to block out the visions, but that didn't stop them at all. He began to stumble blindly through the corridors, grumbling to himself. This was not his day. This REALLY was not his day.
These visions he was seeing...
Were freaking the heck out of him.
" can't be true!!" he shouted. His vision cleared, and automatically, he ran back to where the bag man's corpse was. Upon reaching the lifeless body, he froze. The masked man's body was resting on its back. Slowly,and with a trembling hand, he removed the bag from the lifeless man's body.
The face that stared at him was his best friend's.

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