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I leave on vacation for ONE WEEK and things get crazy here (Thread)

Okay well, the other threads are closed, which is sad since I definitely had things to say. I'll be brief.

I think mods need to be more professional. Maybe I'm too relaxed nowadays, especially compared to how I used to be (I changed a lot during my long absence), but all this fighting and screaming and cussing is really off-putting to a lot of people, don't you think?

Sometimes I feel we're too defensive. A "gargling Gargon's balls" thread is made and suddenly eruptions of unknown seismic levels emerges from our mods. We're mods, we're in the public light, we'll get criticised, just laugh it off.

Imagine if Obama responded to every crazy criticism made of him ever. How would the US look to the international community if he started shutting down publications on that? If you're in the public, you'll find people who like you and people who don't, it's simple. No need to get enraged over it.

That was one of the reasons I did leave my first moderator term, I felt I was falling into a bit of power abuse and I didn't like it. I also had personal things to work out, so I left. I find it funny though that very shortly after I returned here, I got a "we want you to be a mod again" notice. I accepted it, why not, and it seemed a lot of older users liked that, and then there were those who didn't really know who the heck I was and whatnot, and I think a couple who don't like me but I actually don't know.

But that's okay.

The point is simple: we have to stop being so emotional whenever a criticism comes up. Accept it and move on. We have to stop screaming at each other. I don't like reading it, I doubt many people here even care for them. These people, our users, are here to talk to one another and hang out.

We should do the same.

You know...this is Colorless - a friendly community and bla bla bla...

@Shigeru welcome back Ruru-san : D

Asuka-sama..... weren't you gone for 2 weeks? o___o

To be honest I haven't noticed any fighting related to any moderator for a while now. I'm thinking maybe I missed something...
But I'll probably find out soon enough. Point is, I don't agree on the mods overreacting or being unprofessional. I might be wrong but this is according to my own experience. I haven't had any issues with any moderator, like, ever.

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