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Front Page Glitched? (Thread)

Can you see the side bar?


So some of us from main chat were talking about front page being glitched.
Some of us see search engines and the pod cast button on the front page some of us don't.

Here's an image of my front page.

I don't know about you guys, but if you think your screen isn't like this please share a screencap of what you see
thanks :)

ok heres the printscreen over on my side (USA)

LOL how did that happen? :))

Hmmm, I have the same problem... I could saw sidebar yesterday, but today... It looks the same as @wanderlust's front page...

I can see it

Same as @123-456-7890 (that's quite a name :D), here works everything fine. (using firefox)

oh, I'm using palemoon D:
maybe that was the reason why my front page looks like this

No, that's not the problem with browser, I'm using firefox too and I can't see sidebar...

that's just weird D:
let's wait for what momo has to say D:

I am using Chrome ><

for my part I have problems, I can't see all pictures on thread

i use chrome too

Hm, Chrome seems to work just fine, and my firefox does as well, which is surprising D:

Works fine for me

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