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Update: [Ragnarok Online] Official Colorless Game Nights! (Thread)

Well, having decided on a server, now's the time to start downloading the client, and prepping for our first night, scheduled for this Sunday. If you have any ideas, feel free to drop a line in this thread~

We will be making a guild soon, so stay tuned for updates, here.

Server Info:

  • RebirthRO
    • Loki:
      • Rates: 100x/100x/20%
      • Max Level: 255 base/120 job

So, who's playing?

@kenshn111 - Hyung Wook Sae
@MrTrain - MrTrain
@wanderlust - sieghrt
@Nguyeezy - Leiam
@misomisa - Miso Misa, MisaMagic
@Kirn = Kirn
@Soraaa = Hayashi Sora, Shirayuki Hime, Hayashi Reiji
@Lumiex = Harasaki Kizakei, Sasaki Ando
@ybz17 = ybz17
@acostoss - acostoss
@Akidzuki - Eldanesh
@spooky - Mikawa

RO Commands
Rebirth RO-specific commands

An admittedly informal training guide, by @Decae


It can vary for different jobs but here's the gist:

  • lvl 1 - 10:
    Porings, lunatics, etc. at maps next to Prontera
  • lvl 11 - 20:
    Just explore, dude. Go a little farther away from Pron and explore/kill/loot.
  • lvl 21 - 40/50:
    I believe this is when you start going to Payon cave/dungeon (I think the cave is with the skeletons and dungeon with orcs). You can probably go earlier though. Monsters get harder as you go deeper in, but that's basic gamer knowledge.


    You might want to keep going to Payon for a few lvls but whatever. Just make sure that before you go get your job change, YOU GET TO JOB LVL 50 (I think). IF YOU CHANGE BEFORE THAT, YOU LOSE THE SKILL PTS.

  • lvl ?? - 70/80:
    I believe you're advanced enough to go to the Toy Factory. If not, continue at Payon until you are, or find somewhere else to train. Stay here until you're comfortable to go to the Pyramids.

  • lvl 70/80 - 99:
    Go to Pyramids and kill the Isises. AVOID OSIRIS (unless you're partying up). Ancient Mummies can be a pain, and mimics are evil if you don't have enough dex (that's why I love snipers :D)

  • REBIRTH W00T!!

  • YAY! Now you're a novice again.
    Just repeat the steps up to lvl 99, or you can be the lil daredevil you are and FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE TO GO.

    Usually I just explore new places as I lvl up past 99. Once I get good enough though, I go to Biolab and attack all the ghosties, and afterwards I go to Thor's place and grind until I get to tops.

    BUT if you're a priest, grind on Anubises at pyramids as soon as you have the Turn Undead skill. You're lvl will rocket to the heavens.


Post them in the thread, and I'll throw them up on here~


I don't know if we really need to run our own server. I suppose we could, but I think it would be nice to compete against other guilds and simultaneously recruit people to CL.



Well, it's not a "private server" as in 'we run it', only that it isn't the official RO server.

ooooh. Yeah, that makes sense. I've never played official honestly. I don't think anybody else wants to grind and pay money either.

Well, never played RO, but the idea of playing as a CL group has been around for ages (hell, there's even the steam group), yet got never really explored.
so yeah, playing together = fun.
If RO is an easy thing to start playing and for others to drop in, sure, why the hell not?

That "drop in"-point would favor High Rates, I think.

Also, while I'm not a fan of it, World of Warcraft has a wide range of private servers that run rather well, as far as I know.

There's actually a lot of funstuff to play, and if RO is the thing to start with, I'm in~

This is great! I've been planing to play RO again but unsure of what server.
I'll wait until the server is picked for now.

RO is moderately easy to drop into. If you want to be really good at it, you learn all of the classes and various key item combos, builds, formulas, etc. However, if a newbie were to pop in, we can leech him up and just tell him where to throw some stats. After that, it's all team work and organization.

It's a lot different than WoW because the key is team dynamic. Character classes are highly specialized, and it's great to play with a dedicated group. I haven't played on one of the high rates, but on a medium rate I can max a character in a week or so, get good equips in the next two. I think a half week or so of leveling will get us to competence, if that.

@kirn Me too, but never as hardcore as 1x. I like somewhere within the range of 3-25x, though I did do a 100x when Renewal launched. High rate will be a big change, but the idea of having an autospell sage with full ASPD and INT makes me really happy, so I'll deal with it.

Oh hey, Rebirth. That's my old high rate. I don't know how much I want to go back on that server, even though I have some characters waiting for me there. It would probably be more balanced than Blackout, but I've never played that server. The people are rather nice, though the community may have changed since I left.

I'm up for anything I suppose, but you get to feel a bit of grind near 150-160 on Rebirth. If you're trying to avoid grind and just want to play, I would say Blackout. If we want to have a bunch of party leveling, rather than PVP and war, I would say Rebirth. I'm fine with either.

Never played Ragnarok~

Tell me where to download this thing?
I dun wanna play pRO coz it's full of n00bz

edit: oh wait, there's a link :))
anyway which one are we playing? O:
I'ma wait for you guys before I download anything

I Approve of this Idea. xDD

Let's go play on Rebirth RO. Let me join pl0x. ;DDD


As of right now, I am gauging public opinion before deciding which server to go with~


If you can find a reputable one, I'm up for it.

Yay <3 Can't wait unf <3
I hope that a lot of the CL users participate in playing this awesome game <3

Alright. I think I'll leave this up for another two days, and we can start getting things ready on Thursday, when I'll release a guide on how to set everything up.

I'm aiming for a Saturday meet, but I haven't a clue what time we should start. While 9PM sounds good to me, that is 3AM for our friends in Germany, around dinnertime for people on the Pacific coast of the USA, and early morning for the Philipines.

Though I have no idea what to do with 500 or even 255 base lvl. It's like >so much overkill :)

Check AvangardRO server.1000 max lvl))

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