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Update: [Ragnarok Online] Official Colorless Game Nights! (Thread) - Page 11

lol go to any tool dealer try @go 9 and walk up XD

can someone find me and help me out?

nick: Mindzable

Some info about it.. trainers and etc. :D

Whoa! RRO! This game is awesome! If you need any help pm me on any of this chars:
Lucy Heartfelia
Phantom Ruby
Erza Scarlet Titania
Priestess Lucy

wot wot i hope the server is awesome n have loads of friendly players :D :D

wowo guys is d server up??? gimme a link so i can dl the RO client..cant wait to join in all the colourless members ...pretty please inbox the RO link onegaishimasu :D :D

Hi guys! I'd just like to share an RO server i recently played a while ago, Its very fun and there is tons of stuff to do not to mention how the server is way far better customized the server I'm playing is YatagarasuRO

Heres the link

Me and my friends in game :o

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Hi I'm still playing this game, if you guys wanna meet up and play contact me in these chars:

Sherry Shepperd


Hmm I might just give it a try.

Bump* lol

I happen to stumble upon this thread. I've seen that you guys have already picked a server.

Anyway I wanna leave this here:

check it out!
this is my bro's server. So I just wanted to share...

ps. I don't really know much with server or RO(well I have played but never got to stick with it.) so I don't really know which servers are better. Then again I'm just sharing and advertising for my bro. XD

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