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Programming Competition? (Thread)

Are you a programmer?


Have we ever thought about holding a programming competition? Or possibly do something where the programmers of colorless simply show off their skills? Or maybe some kind of collaborative project?

Why should all the crazy Photoshop gods have all the fun? Us code junkies can be creative too!

Thoughts regarding how this might be structured? Suggestions?

I'd love to see a collab project among the different users of the Colorless, may it be for a website *cough* Zeon *cough*, or even a simple game.

I know rudimentary Python, VB, a little Java, and HTML/CSS.

@Gargron - Well I was inspired by the number of people that said they actually got the jokes in @Kirn's recent programming jokes thread.

@acostoss - I saw that Zeon comment coming from a mile

But yeah it doesn't have to be super fancy or anything.

Just as an example, here's something relatively simple I did a few years ago. You can think of it as a snake trying to get from the top left block to the bottom right block. You click on cells to block the path of Mr. Snake. The only rules are that the snake can't bite himself... in other words... you can't have 4 adjacent cells filled.

I added a poll to gauge enthusiasm...

*raises hand*

I know C++, HTML, CSS and PHP.

Not a pro, but I'd like to join :D

@RangleGoose - Hurrah! I was feeling lonely there for a minute. With that skill set, you should invest some time into learning javascript.

Oh yea, I've done some Javascript too!

Made it for a school project :)

I know my way around a few languages and platforms. Not particularily experienced with Javscript and web things, though, I've mostly been using plain old C recently.

*cough* and perl for hacky things that need doing quickly \

I was thinking about starting a collabo for making a CL game. That would be really great because there are quite a few programmers and such on here, and they probably don't really have anything better to do.

Edit: Oh, and I'm no good with web design, except for very basic HTML, but I'm alright at Python. I'm trying to learn C++ (again) as well.

@Decae - What kind of game did you have in mind? Nice idea btw.

@Fieyr: I think some sort of RPG would be fun, especially if we make the NPCs after CL members. We could also use some occurrences from ye olden days to form the plot... Maybe protecting Phones from SteviehQ? >_<

@Decae - LOL I like it.

Ever since I saw Pale Cocoon, I've wanted to take a shot at creating the UI they use... Fast forward to 2min 5 seconds... it starts around there...

Once you get information on what we need to program, let me know. You should make it so you're allowed to use any language you want, because I most always prefer to use C while I know many people dislike it with a burning passion. XD

@Shigeru - "dislike it with a burning passion" doesn't even begin to cover it in my case. That might be because I worked for 2 years on a legacy system of spaghetti code. Horrible memories...

And it doesn't have to be a collaborative effort... you can just show off your skills if you want. Or possibly learn something new and present it.

Yeah, most people get bad impressions of C but I ended up loving it. Maybe because the first thing I ever programmed in C (technically IC) was a simple robot.... That'd tend to leave a very good impression of the language wouldn't it? XD

But yeah, just give a programming task or something and I'd love to join in.

I don't really know coding in any language, but would I be able to join in if I learn as we go along ~ attempted slightly at Python but not much else?

@Krysis - Do you know what kind of programming your interested in? Web applications? Desktop applications?

I dig.

I enjoy C because it is, really, a very simple language. There are, compared to other languages, very few non-obvious ways to screw up.

... realistically, though, I guess, a lot of the actual logic code I write these days is in GLSL, as well...

... which really is just C with vector types, so I guess that works.

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