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Album Reviews (Any Language!) (Thread)

Have you been listening to an album that you really want others to know about, or just feel like talking? No? Well too bad, I have and I'm going to write some album reviews.

Feel free to post your own reviews or suggestions. My primary requirement is that you provide a paragraph at least with some explanation as to why we should listen to said album. It can be new or old, just needs to be a music album. Even an EP applies if you want.

Invented : Jimmy Eat World

I got really interested into Jimmy Eat World around the time they announced a new album. If you're a fan prior, you will most likely remain that way. This takes a few steps away from the pop taste that you could see in "The Middle" or any of the songs from Bleed American (renamed a self-titled album after 9/11). The track list flows together much better, and has a general theme. It's not quite a concept album, but you can really see a story being painted throughout it.

  • Theme and Tracks

The album opens with "The Heart is Hard to Find". A short track with plenty of strings. A good upbeat tempo helps keep the song hopeful. The lyrics, however, express a disappointment and distress. There are tons of people in the world, and almost everybody can be replaced. To top it off, it can be hard to find your motivation/drive/heart. The entire album has this theme along the lines of "Life isn't that easy", but it manages to do so without whining.

I'm not going to go over every song, just skip around to the big ones. Movielike is next on that list. This song compacts the idea of the album and summarizes it pretty well. "Nothing movielike, and nothing magic. People just tired of fights, the constant battle." Is the first line of the chorus. This most likely is no surprise to anybody who's been outside their house for longer than 5 minutes. However, it's nice to hear it in a song for those days when things aren't going your way.

Right after that comes Coffee and Cigarettes. It was my favorite track after I got the album. It's a song about young love and ambition. Leaving your home town and travelling to the city for fame and success. Eloping with a young love and enjoying something as simple as staying up with somebody, enjoying a coffee and cigarette. This is a set up for the next few songs.

With the coming songs, the relationship seems to fall apart. By the time we hit Invented, my current favorite, the singer seems defeated. No anger, just regret and thoughts. It goes through the motions of a failed relationship. Joy, distress, anger, regret, etc.

The last track is Mixtape. Jimmy Eat World is known for having awesome end tracks. This one is no 23, but it's pretty good. I feel like they could have done so much more than this, but I'll settle with it. Most of the song is filled with the line "You don't get to walk away, walk away now". I'm not sure what I think of it really, perhaps a little ripped off. I prefer to think of Invented as the ending, and mixtape as just an epilogue.

  • Tone and Production

Some parts of the album will pick up and deliver some real power, but most of it is mellow and acoustic. It's something you listen to while lounging around. It's good if you like the band, but buy Bleed American or Futures before this one. They were incredibly better than this album. If you have money to blow and want something down to earth, go right ahead. The instrumentals are just alright as well, nothing extraordinary. Most of it just does back up for the singer. The band recruits a girl to help out with the album, and she does some great duets and harmony with the usual lead.

Overall rating: 6/10 (better than average)

I stayed interested in the album, and it wasn't bland. It could use some refinement, but it was still good. Check out a few songs on YouTube, you might like it.

Trivium - In waves

I've always been a huge Trivium fan and only dislike one of their albums. This is Triviums new album and if I do say so myself, It kicks total ass.

Why does it kick ass do you ask? Well lets break it down.

Themes and Tracks

The sound of this album is really clean, With epic solo's (Like always ;D) and those vocals, Holy shit!. With the vocals they switch from a really nice clean voice for some verses and then change to heavy growling. The solo's are very nice, clean and powerful and the drums with their new drummer are just fantastic.

The songs are very catchy have a listen to In waves:

Catchy right?

Now on to my favorite song on the album "Caustic Are the Ties That Bind"

This song starts of nice and heavy, Then into a breakdown of awesomeness (A classic Trivium sound, "Breakdown of awesomeness"). While you are blinded by awesomeness it then gives you some really nice clean vocals. Your mind is now blown. That happens till around 2:30, Where the song changes into a nice and soft melody of kickass. Around 4:15 You get this very Iron Maiden sounding solo, Nostalgia hits you like a bomb. Around 5:00 you get back into the song to finish it up. Your life is now complete.


Although sometimes this album can feel commercial it is really a nice metal production. I say just let yourself get adsorbed by it and love it for what it is... A AWESOME PIECE OF EPIC WONDERPIECE.

9/10. (Epic = Epic.)

Deftones: Out

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