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[Short Story] I really hate you, Acostoss (Thread)

"- Gargron! The riots are out of hand! " yelled Acos. A man sitting at a desk burred his face into his hands. He began to cry. " Every thing....everything I've worked for... ruined. " The man near the door stood there with his head hung low. " Sir... there is still hope... " he said and he slowly lifted his head to look at the weeping older man. " Make me leader... And I promise on my colorless soul that I will fix things on here... " The man who had been weeping stopped abruptly. He looked up at the man who had made his way to his desk. " You? ..You? Stop this? How? And why you? I'd rather much hand the power over to Volkie then you. " stated the man. " Sir... Gargron... that man has nothing worth putting to power for. He is an idiot. A wolf in sheep skin... " Gargron slammed his fist onto the table. " How DARE you say that about him! He has done so much more than you! " The younger man bit his lip. " Oh but I don't think you know what situation you are in... Gargron... " The younger man made his way to the older man. He leaned over the older man and put his lips to the mans ears... " I can give you things worth so much more than what Volkie can offer for the people... A site for the people? Bah, a site for me...and you? Yes... " He licked the mans ear slowly... Gargron blushed heavily... " B-but... " " Shhh... " the other man put his lips to the other to silence him...

Yes hello, this has the acostoss official seal of approval

A man of green

Always seen

A man of pink

Making dreams sink

Both are enemies

Only one will stand

Who will win

This site of sin?

Acos you gold digger


I thought you'd be better than Garcion but nope.

You failed.

You are now the butt of my jokes.

Garcion is now better than you.

I like pink.

Me too

Sweet. If you wish to bash me, please keep it to this thread, though.

I'm sorry if I don't trust you, for having a history of trolling, evading bans, etc, and banned you from chat, for 2 hours, for spamming "I wanna be a mod/Can I be a mod?", after giving fair warning, and having received fair warning from your peer.

Threads merged. kthxbai


...God damn it, Volk.

The fanfiction is better than anything I could ever hope to create.


LOL, That was great.

What the--? Any explanation? Is this Tai? Or Mu? Can't compare the IPs, sadly, since he's already banned OTL

MEIN FUHRER! I had no idea you could write so beautifully~

Wait who is banned?!?!?!! Mu or Tai or BOTH!

I thought that was explanatory in the user name itself...


VolkieVolks for Moderator

I think the blow against @Lethn was kinda low, tbh.
Not that I wouldn't agree with your @VolkieVolks x @Lethn statement, no, but Lethn isn't even around =/

PS: Had company and thus only went fast over the posts, so I didn't notice it was Volkie for real (even though my troll-senses were tingling...)

haha Pink is Awesome BTW xD

Made my day.

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