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CL Manga : Asuka's illustrations: Gargron colored 08/03/2011 (Thread)



Here are the illustrations :
If you want to read the chapters it's here :

I want your opinion about my characters, and some advices !
I don't like to create a thread for myself .///. but I really need your help

Here is the main character : I will probably change the haircut I am not sure yet :

new design : ''Charlotte'' (name will change)

The man who built Colorless : Gargron

Colored version : GARGRON

and the ''vilain'' Volkie :

EDIT 2 : # Volkie Colored version :


KuroKami :
The Mahou Shojo Nayurin :
Insany :
Ninem :


1 : the Bad Characters Leth - Volkie - Insany

2 The scene when Kurokami and the Main chara' arrived in the restaurant :

( 3. old on => a scene of the city )

awh, i wanna read this ;w;

@Hais I need the approval of Colo-kun to start first ! xD I have to build the personnality of each character, fix the plot, etc etc >w< )/ hug thanks <3

@Gargron _________ OMG YOU WEAR GLASSES ?!!! IT'S EPIC !!! \o/ kyaaah I have another style for Gargron so :'D
Volkie is a female D: i would like to let volkie as a boy.......

OMG I love it, I love it, the drawings, your idea, everything
I'm sure colorless sama will approve

I like it. Hope to see more.

@ChizuoChan Merci beaucoup ;///;

@Astrogaijin thank you .W.

I like the drawings for the character, but the premise seems a little iffy. Imagining Colorless as a city is pretty cool, but trying to defend the city from trolls and spammers could be a little dull. If you flush it out with good characters, it can work. There has been plenty of in-fighting for instance, that can be represented.

Take for instance DRRR (go figure). One of the reasons it was so good is because everybody had different motives and opinions. They would step on each other's feet and occasionally work together, there was no one solid goal.

Other than that, I like the stuff already there. My main advice would be to expand it beyond a single, linear plot line. Good luck, and keep up the good work.

@VivoDePyre Yeah I thought the same thing for the scenario :3 ! I just only draw for the moment. I am waiting for the approval and we will work hard on the plot. Because a manga is nothing without an awesome plot ! Thanks again ;////; !!!

I love your character designs >w<
Good luck on the manga!

I love the design for Volkie, and I don't even care if Volkie is a girl, because that already looks perfect to me. :< And Gar looks too gar--/shot

The main character looks fine, though, depending on her personality, quirks, etc., I still can't say if she'll have some special/distinguishing trait (usually it's like that for the main character). xD But making her quite a simple personality is good too, since you can put in the strong personalities (I don't think I need to give examples) from this site. She'll be "weirded" out (in a good way) when she meets them, and that would be interesting to see. 8D

As said up there, the plot seems a little too simple, but it could work. It's still interesting to see more characters appear as well. ^^

I like this. >_<b

@Unkindness thank you :3

@Candytenshi your advice is perfect ! Yeah don't worry for the plot it will be worked !
And yes ! it's exactly that ! When she will meet them she will change and learn the friendship ect...!! xD

( yeah yeah I am so excited xD !!! )

The plot kinda reminds me of Summer Wars, btw. xD

@Asuka-chii Okay, that's good. Brilliant! 8D I'm looking forward to it.

@candytenshi yeah Summer wars <3 XD I think the guy who wrote this scenario was thinking about it

thaaaaaaaanks thanks hug

Everyone you've posted looks great. Your designs (you've got a really nice art style), the story, the setting EVERYTHING!
Gargron looks... GAR XD

Looking forward to it Asu-chii ^_^

@ImagineBreaker B..Breaka-kun .///. th...thanks >//<" I will try my best !

I think it would be ok for Volkie to be a boy in Colorless then show up as a girl in the Real. Kind of like that switcheroo from .hack//Sign. The wiping their memories part sort of reminds me of how when people died in The World from .hack, they would go into a coma in the real world.

Are all of the Colorless folks your main character going to know only going to be around online or will they also appear in the Real world too?

@KibaKiba It's a very good Idea Kiba-kun oo !!! and :/ I still don't know if I can change the plot, I have to ask Colorless-kun. I just only draw for the moment, but I want to work on the plot ! >w< )
thanks for your help !

I can help with the plot if you want. I like your drawings a lot and I loved Summer Wars and the Digimon movie that the director of Summer Wars did too (they're both very similar and both good, Summer Wars being the better one anyway). I won't take over anything, I just want to assist.

@Kibakiba TT//////////TT thank you so much ! :3 and it would be great if you can help us ! Ask also Colorless ok !

And yeah o i love the work made the director of Summer Wars and Digimon I liked both of the movies, and I share the same opinion :'3 but my favourite is The girl who leapt in the time<3

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