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Zelda Dubstep Remix! (Thread)

Gave me an eargasm.


I'm going to go back and play it, but listen to this through my ipod instead.


Dats hot!

Song of Storms > Lost Woods

For you my good sir :)

Sexy.. I can play this on piano. XD

It is a decent remix, but I like the original better.

I like his first remix better also..

this one is awesome XD XD

Uhm,Isn't the first remix on your post the same Song Of Storms remix I have?

Dubstep's overrated. Hardstyle is what you need:

@decae ya I am not a big fan of dubsteps

For some reason I thought you posted

`My bad

I just made this song my ringtone.

LOL Nice.

I shuffle on that hardstyle yeah <3

Heeeeeere we go.

@Decae FUCK YEAH! Hardstyle!

@Gomuboy: Yes. HARDSTYLE IS MY STYLE. lml(>_<)lml

@Decae How about Hardstyle thread?


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