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Your Thoughts On Fastfood (Thread)

What do you think about when you hear fast food or any fast food restaurant?Do you eat it often?Should it be banned?

Whoa, I just realized you went negative at once there and asked "Should it be banned?" o.o

Lol,well I'm just giving some questions out there for people to discuss about.

It's hard to say. Fast food is what it is. You feel lazy, have a few extra bucks, grab some McDonalds. People will always be stupid and be irresponsible, but it's their responsibility to regulate their own eating and what not. I've never looked much into the fast food industry, but I don't feel like we need to start meddling because people don't understand good eating habits.

To me... it's unfortunate that eating fast food is almost equated to being American... and it's the fault of the marketing campaigns of the various fast food restaurants...

There's one close to me that has paintings on it of girls with poodle skirts and guys with leather jackets and greased back hair from the 50''s like the entire cast of happy day's is standing there eating McDonalds.

Obviously this is an attempt to send the older generation's nostalgia gland into overdrive. It's brilliant marketing...but they're killing their customers.

What really bugs me... is that eating healthy to some is no different than being a treehugging hippie. Screw them I say. I like trees...

With that said, I don't think you can ban fast food...people are responsible for their own bodies... however... I do think it's important to make sure food we consume is clearly labeled with nutritional information so people can make smart decisions.

Banning fast food would be a little extreme, lol
I try to avoid fast food, so I don't eat it often. What I don't like the most about fast food is how oily it is, it leaves a bad feeling in my mouth. I know not all fast food are excessively oily, but just seeing dark stains on the paper bags just puts me off.

This doesn't mean that I don't eat fast food though. Despite the oily feeling they still taste quite good. Maybe I'm just subconsciously aware from all the tv news and people telling me that it's bad for my health.

(it feels like I'm rambling now, I'll shut up.)

Fast food, bad for your health, but still food. I can't just cook everyday, there's no time for it.


Thing is, over here you'll save money by getting 'fast food' aka pre-prepared food instead of cooking everything yourself buying the ingredients. Not to mention the time you save.

In our current time, its all about that exactly: time.
Fast food comes just about right, that way.

In the end, though, it comes all down to balance. You can eat all you want if you exercise, you can eat whatever you want if you balance it out to fill your body's needs the right way.

Just remember, banning food like that would take the decision from people and then they still wouldn't be able to bring enough time to actually shop and cook for real.

It would help to teach cooking at school again. Not just theoretical "fast food is bad, mkay"-blargh but actual cooking. Over here that was being taught ages ago, but then got scrapped for the "more important" subjects like.. you know, those nobody will ever need in life anyway 8D

I'm a university student taking a ridiculous amount of courses without much time to spare when I'm busy with my studies. Also on a budget and other pre-prepared options are pretty pricey where I live. Though my uni shut down all the fast food it serves in the cafeteria, so I'm going to need to figure out another plan of survival this coming semester, haha.

Fast food is win *thumbs up*

Fast food is good at times.

You really shouldn't take it regularly, though.

You, really, really, really shouldn't. If fast food seemingly made you fat or unhealthy, it's your own fault and you don't get to sue anyone.

Fast food is useful, but some people make it their only diet.

I eat fast food when I can't afford a better meal and I'm in a hurry. It works very well in that way, since in America a fast-food restaurant is practically on every block.

People know the risks and choose to avoid it. That's their fault and their decision. Banning does nothing, as it doesn't stop the intent. Same way some people think that guns should be banned because there are murders, ignoring the fact that people can kill using other methods as well.

Instant noodles > fast food

Indomie the best Instant Noodle Eva! xDD

It's convenient, tasty and totally unhealthy. They're the cigarettes of the eating world. You know it's bad for you but you do it anyway.

I'm fine with it. When you pay 99ยข for a taco or burger you shouldn't expect to get a quality item. You get what you pay for.

I cook my food.

I hate fast food. Honestly, the fastest my food gets is eating a sandwich or something. I cook, and I think it would be good if other people cooked. People don't realize how cheap, fun, and easy cooking for yourself is.

Meh... Fast food is like any other food to me... and I'm sure I(and many others) would have burned down there houses in an attempt to cook food id there was no fast food =w=b.

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