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Song I have been working on... (Thread)

So I have been working on a jazz rap song for the past couple days called "Anon One". I did not write the beat, just the lyrics and I did the recording and editing. It still needs tweaking and stuff but lemme know what u think!

where do I hear this song?

wow it sounds great. I barely noticed it because it blends in with my background so well.

wierd i thought the link was posted... here it is

Snazzy. The voice doesn't fit the music enough though, and a lot of the lyrics seem forced as well. Besides that, it is fairly good.

Sounds good, I think the voice needs a little more base behind it though to better match the track.

Reminded me of Samurai Champloo's beats not bad, but like everyone else the voice sounds like it floats over the music, not truly in sync just yet.

Thanks for the feed back. I agree about the voice. I am having a really hard time with making the vocals sound more like a part of the song.

There might be some things you could do using Audacity. If you continue working on it, make sure you post again so we can hear it.

Love the constructive criticism and positive responses. It's refreshing considering all the nonsense these days.

that's actually pretty good!

i dont get as good as this if i had to write a rap song. its good :)

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