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Anyone like HARDSTYLE? (Thread)

Don't tell me that this doesn't make you eargasm.

Here is where we can discuss and share God's gift to man. Nustyle will NOT be tolerated (unless it's good). You can discuss other types of electronic music though. :)

What is hardstyle? It usually consists of 150BPM, reverse bass, and badass-ity. It's supposed to have a really heavy beat and a melody tends to be optional (though I tend to enjoy it more with).

Heck yes I do!

Sure do, amongst other things~

@Decae If you enjoy melodic-y, you might like this!

USAO - Red and Deep (It's a remix of Don't say Lazy, hihi)

I always hear this when ever I see a melbourne shuffle video.

@Nguyeezy: You shouldn't hear that! That's not even hardstyle! I have gotten that song stuck in my head on multiple occasions though.

It isn't o.o?Ahh man,I've been thinking this whole time it was -.-

@Nguyeezy: Naw, sorry. It's more trancy than hardstyle. It's definitely not hard enough, hence the "hard" in hardstyle. :S

Brennan Heart's my favorite. Here's their remix of Lincoln Park's "In the End":

@Decae . . . Y U NOT MENTIONED ME!


count me in
I love hardstyle.

Oh forgot to post a song

Hardstyle is bamf >u< I don't know how to get the video to show up in the post since I'm a n00b like that so I'll just give a link ;3;

It's used a lot for the Melbourne Shuffle c:

@NullieSoulie: To put in a video, just copy and paste the link for the vid that's in your browser, not the link they give you.

And yeah, that song is everywhere! XD

@Decae Oh xD ...Why didn't I think of that...? >A>;;;

It may be everywhere but it's a good song :3

This is a cool song too c:

this one is cool
You can melbourne shuffle on it smoothly rather than lifting your feet too high. I usually try and dance like the Newcastle Rockers rather than other shufflers that insist on lifting their feet too high.

I'll listen all! While, take this

Well, i love it now!!! :D

@grimmy FUCK YEAH!

@Gomuboy hell yes i love that song!! now, it on my Ipod :3 I just found this one to!! xD

this music is sexy

POST!!!!...yay it worked


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