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Can man live alone? (Thread)

If you have seen the movie Cast Away, where the main character, Chuck, survived a plane crash and had to live by himself in a small deserted island, with only a volleyball as his companion, do you think man can last so long without any contact with other human beings?

Chuck had to survive on his own: mending his dental health, catching fish with a spear, predicting the weather with a self-made calendar, etc. He had to do everything by himself and for himself.

^ Now, even if this is just from a movie, I know of people who live alone and only connect with other people through chatting, phone calls, e-mails, etc. They go out sometimes, and encounter strangers, but most of the time, they are alone. They manage, but I don't know if they are content with that. Some might be, some might not be. I know of people who like being alone as well, but there is more to that than just simply loving being alone.

But what if there is no one at all? Like in Cast Away, with no other human beings to see, no other voices to hear, no phone calls, no internet, no letters.. is it possible for man to survive well all alone until his death?

I know my answer would be an obvious "No" but I just need meaningful and thoughtful opinions, not exactly facts from research and stuff like that (but if you want to include some, then sure). Just plain opinions and thoughts about the subject. :<

Okay, my answer with bad english :

I would like to answer yes, but I don't have many arguments. So there we go for ''No''.
Why man can't live alone ? Simply because early or late, he will feel like he needs someone, has to communicate, he needs affection also. If he waited for a boat it's because he really wants to go back and join his wife I don't remember correctly the movie. But I don't think we can live all our life alone.

Hikikomori don't have the life they want, sometimes they comunicate with internet, and even it's not in real life, they need contact to not feel they are alone.

We can take also the example of Erio Towa. She wanted at the beggining to live in her futon, and now she, with her cousin's help, make contact with other people.
Family, friends, classmates, even strangers, we need someone.

I am like Yes and No for my part. I can live by myself, but I constantly need some attention.

I don't think my answer helped you u_____u" but I tried.

@Asuka-chii It helps since I need a different person's view about the topic. xD Thank you.

People can live alone but they have to pay a price for it. I have an uncle that lived alone all his life and it drove him insane. He lived alone for so long that he could never let anyone get close to him.

Have you ever thought about the people you know that are alone and they are a tad bit crazy?

You can be alone, but it will drive you insane.


I may be young but every human being I've encountered desires companionship more than anything. And I'm going to generalize this fact whether they like it or not.


Chuck actually needed the volleyball to go on. If he was okay with being alone, talking to no one but himself on that island, he wouldn't have made up 'Wilson' or spent many nights making conversations with an inanimate object (even if the ball hardly made an effort to respond).

People need someone to be with... although your companion doesn't have to be a person. Take the movie I Am Legend as another example. Will Smith only had his German Shepherd. At the very least, Smith felt that he was not completely alone. He still had someone he could count on to watch his back.

We don't even have to take 'aloneness' in a literal sense. If, say, I were surrounded by people. All faceless. And here I am nursing this really big emotional wound. I NEED someone to talk to. I NEED someone to be with. A friendly face and some sort of reassurance so I WON'T feel alone with a burden I can't handle.

It does possible to live alone in a deserted island, but it's all depends on the circumstances, Living alone without any contact to other sentient being is a heavy burden to the psychology of human mind. (Spooky should be more knowledge able about this) Every human in this worlds, including the loners and shut in, have an tendency to commute with each other. Yes, this can be done through internet (That's where those shut-ins were born, Internet). Without any contact with other human being, it's only a matter of time before the logical thinking capability of the lone being reduced into sheer will of surviving. With no logical thinking, the lone being will have loss what we call as "Humanity"

P.S : This is all but a imaginary thinking of myself.


The Imaginative Sign Painter

Okay. I think, if one has the IQ and skill to catch fish etc etc to survive, one could easily live alone. However, without contact you will slowly become more and more insane.

So yea, you can live alone, no problem.

it's true what Goose is saying. You will be able to live alone. However, if you were ever to see other humans again, you will find that you yourself are no longer as "Human". We humans need company, and if we can't get it, we change. We will go insane, there is no way around that, but we will be able to survive and live on.

But don't take my word for it, I don't do research on this ;)

@Trisak I don't need research-related answers anyway. xD

Thanks, everyone. o/

Well, living on a deserted island, you don't really have a choice in the matter. There have been studies regarding contact with others, I think, conducted with primates with a surrogate (doll) mother and an actual mother. Those with the surrogate failed to live for very long. But still, you attempt to do what you can to survive. It's possible, but whether or not it is tolerable is another.

You can say "Well, you can be a loner and not require contact with others in society", but even then, you're having regular contact with others. Whether you like it or not, you have to interact with store clerks for your groceries, etc. It is entirely different to be isolated, and I highly doubt that - since we all have some connection to the internet - any of us are really qualified to answer whether or not it is possible/tolerable.

Yeah, one big no.
Ever felt so terribadly sad and you need somebody to talk to, or even wanna squeeze someone with both of your arms to let all that negative energy out BUT can't?
that alone can drive me permanently MAD, really. what more if i was stuck in a deserted island in the middle of nowhere? i'd be God-Tier insane if that happened.

Well it's true that humans are used to living in groups, but a big part of our social behaviour(if not all of it) is learned. If your mother thought you how to survive in the wilderness and then dumped you when you were ten years old, you'd be perfectly fine living alone.

So my answer is yes, but you'd slowly lose all your social "skills".


If man wanna live alone, he must have dead. He's maybe alive physically, but he won't never feel alive from the soul and later he'll die. Yeah... what I know, the one who can live alone is only God.

But, if it's just a movie, I think there's no problem since the director writes it "A fiction".

Impossible, he would have always known their were people he could communicate with, so in turn he'd yearn for that communication. Sooner of later he'd become starved of that connection and therefore look to other things to communicate with. Be it inanimate objects, animals, or himself he seek out some form of communication.

Well my old teacher used to ask me a question like this. I find this question impossible to answer, because whatever answer we give is instantly biased pure and simple.

If man were alone from the beginning, would he have the need of companionship? Would he seek out that innate nature human beings possess even without he himself ever knowing what it is he's seeking?

Can Man live alone? I do think he can survive alone. I wouldn't count it as "living" though.

As a meaningless existence, he can live. breathing, eating and sleeping... He can do ok.

I am not sure WHY he would want to live, but he can.

Yes, man can live alone. He can eat, drink, sleep, and live as long as he needs. However, no matter who you are, the need for human companionship shall always be there.

Imagine all those emo kids craving for loneliness, well I bet that they change their mind if they really experience it. Platon said that human kind is weak and it always depends on something or someone. I really imagined how it would be if I were alone. It is mindfu!king, it tears you apart from the inside. Indeed we need moments of loneliness to reflect upon certain issues...but I must highligh MOMENTS. A man cannot live alone, he needs to socialize, he needs go crazy if you stay alone.

It is possible to live alone. I wouldn't recommend it, but it's possible.

"The two worst things in the world are being hungry, and being alone." Sakae Jinnouchi (Grandma from Summer Wars)

Although being alone could be better than what's presented. Say if your in a town surrounded by people you dislike. In this situation I'd rather be alone than being dependent. You never know if someone chose being dependent, because they couldn't face being alone. If they see your actions they may just snap out of it.

You can survive alone, the only question is for how long you would want to.

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