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Can man live alone? (Thread) - Page 2

I spend about 98% of my time alone. I like it, it's quiet and peaceful. I only really talk to my family at dinner.

You can survive alone, but the trick is surviving with yourself intact... That's the hard part. .___.

@Kuroba_Loki that is true, in any movie where the person is completely alone they go insane, but if they have something to hold onto, ie. A dog or even a beachball it makes it easier.

If television has taught me anything, its that man cannot live without sex. No contact means no sex.

Your arguments are now invalid.

This thread "Can man live alone? "

i think that's impossible, because everyone need someone in his live. If you think you can live alone, just prove it. You'll never sucsses if your live alone.

@StormRider Yep, this thread, is there a problem? ^^ I was asking for people's opinions. It's not really.. "thinking" you (or I, or we who made posts here) can live alone, more like man in general, if he can live alone given the circumstances. Thanks for your answer.

@InsaneBoredGame That's.. cute, but television is always the worst source/basis for a lot of things. :o Media is so fake at times. But whatever, I used a movie as an example, so sex it is, as you said. :<

The guy in Cast Away was a grown man with a life he had known and had been used to.

What if it was a boy with much to learn?

But then again, he'd probably find company in the local wildlife if he manages to survive and if it doesn't eat him first. Cases in point, Tarzan, Mowgli, and Romulus.

And then there's the question of how much possibility that even has. Going by common logic, next to none, if not none at all.

i think man can
Being alone isn't necessarily always a bad thing it gives you time to be alone with your thoughts and just think without any distractions. jut look at the short story of the bet written by andrew checkov; i think that's how it's spelled, but the story basically goes that the lawyer take's the bankers bet that he can't live in solitude for 10 years. and in the end he does last that long with no human contact all he had to keep him company was wine and books. by the end of those 10 years and he stayed of his own free will mind you, he gained immense knowledge and didnt want the money anymore and left.

-this thread was leaning towards one side i wanted to give another point of view-

I think a person can live on their own. I would actually like being on a deserted island by myself, I'd be able to roam around freely and do what ever I want. But then again you have to think about your skills if you have the skill of cooking you would need people with other skills to help you so it kinda depends on your skills to live with no other humans at all. Sometimes it depends on your personality though and lets say if you were me: Shy, nice, a bit insane already... you won't want human contact but I do like hearing someones voice every once and a while. But I also think the thing of going insane of not talking is false. I like being alone and I think the cause is a little spoilt b**** at my school always being a cow she was nasty to me on my very first day and I also think that may be the reason to my nuty personality. I'd like to know what it would be like to live with out her but I like this picture I made of her:

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