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Tea Thread (Thread)

Thread all about tea.

My favorite is Genmaicha (brown rice green tea). It's not as bitter as green tea, and tastes burnt to me.

Post your favorites and why, or anything that relates to tea.

I hate you for thinking of this before me....

All tea except plain black. Plain is boring.

Today I had mango black tea, and I overdosed the sugar as a tribute to L as I was watching Death Note. ...I think I prefer it that way now.

Thai Tea~!

@IIEarlGreyII It would have suited you more.

@Decae I don't use sugar, but the fact that it's dedicated to L makes it fine.

@Nguyeezy Never had it.

@Kuru Lol try it,promise you'll like it.

I never had tea other then cold lemon tea.


Tea is the liqure of life!!!!! bows to the tea god
lemon, sugar, tea, and hot water= the elixar of life(i bet i'll live long cuz i have 3 cups a day)

My favourite would have to be 香片 (Jasmine Tea) or 高山茶 (High Mountain Oolong Tea). I used to plant jasmine flowers with my mother when I was younger, so the faint scent of it in the tea is very relaxing and nostalgic to me. The High Mountain Oolong has a stronger oolong taste (I find) than most other oolong teas.

I've also found a liking to 普洱 (Pu Er) and 龍井 (Dragon Well) recently.

I once had something similar to genmaicha while in Hong Kong. That "burnt rice" taste is very distinctive and I can see why you like it so much! :D

As far as western teas... well, not many at all. I can't stand the eastern teas that are offered at most establishments in the States, so I always end up ordering...

"Tea. Earl Grey. Hot." /dork

Tea Gardner? I hate that chick...oh wait, you're talking about the drink, nvm.

@syunfung I knew the smell of Jasmine flowers from when I was a kid. I didn't know the flowers were Jasmines either, so when I tried the tea I knew the smell. I thought it was pretty funny.

My favourite tea is Pu Er or Po Lei. I also like a lot of chinese teas.
I don't think I've tried western tea before...

Pearl milk tea

@unkindness: "Po lei"... are you Cantonese?

@kuru: Yeah, it was the same case with me until I found a good quality one where I saw the petals! I really didn't know the English name for the tea; I always knew it as 香片... XD

I enjoy ice Milk tea, English Breakfast, Jasmine and a whole variety...

My favorite would probably be Jasmine. The taste and scent are just so lovely...

There is something that is soothing about tea... But for a caffeine jump-start to the day I admit I just drink instant Coffee XD Tea is something I drink in a more calm and ceremonial fashion or for bonding with grandparents.

Chinese green tea ftw !

:D yeah for a tea thread !

XD so My favourite is Mint tea with green tea, and Verveine <3.
I like also Lemon tea, jasmine, camomille, tilleul, black tea.

I don't like tea D:

Only Nestea....





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