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Oretachi ni tsubasa wa nai (Thread)

So I've been following this anime for a while. At first I didn't understand anything. I still get confused in every single episode but the story is finally appearing from the cloud of WTF that emerged after the first, like, five episodes?

Anyway, the anime is kinda ecchi and silly most of the time and there are moments like these: #video

But there is a story, I guess, behind all the silly ecchi. I like the anime because it's silly and wtf-ish.

Old Edit:Okay so the link isn't working for me,
is the youtubeclip showing for you guys?

New Edit:So, I managed to post a link instead of a youtube box. But " #video " popped up in front of it and I can't do anything about it lol

Ummmm...@Lycan... could you please add another video. It says this video is unavailable.

Ok maybe if I post the link instead of a youtube-box...

@Lycan: You're right it is very silly. Cake battle royale!!

The song is about penises and youth <3

what is this? I don't even...

When I first watched this scene the first thing that came to my mind was DMC (Detroit Metal City) XD

I'm really enjoying this show, despite the service it has a pretty decent plot and a really likeable cast. There was a pretty overkill with the service in one since but since then it's been pretty tame. So tame it's scary actually, so tame it's kinda scary.

Because of that video...I have to check this out when I get home!

Yeah I'm going to check it out, too. For some reason I have an impulse to see new anime series'.

I'm really not into echii anime but this is pretty good. I also only got the story after the 5the episode.
How many eps are out so far? I think i have till ep 11

I watched the 12'th one like yesterday or so and that's the last one, it seems,

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