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CHORUS PROJECT (Song Not Decided) (Thread)

The song of your Choice


Well Im still new to this but a video inspired me to make a Chorus Project. Since there has been negative responses when I asked my friends IRL, so I thought I might put it down here if anyone's interested to help me.

Well I think it would be much of a bother if We're going to made our own Chorus (unless if you guys have other plans, then please don't hesitate to state your opinion), so I thought we could just do a cover of a song. Which the song, is also undecided yet to this moment.

That is why I made a poll, so we could all decide on a song instead. Which I'm pretty sure if I picked the song myself would be too one-sided. The Democratic Way would be the best way to come up for this solution ^^;;

Here are the list of Videos/Songs on the polls (The videos/songs are in order following the poll's list)

(this song is from Nico-Nico Duaga, but Len and Rin made a cover of it. Something like that.)

@Gauche - I'm not aware of any other chorus projects going on at the moment so this should be a good time. I'm always down for participating in a chorus. Do you have any songs your leaning towards as possibilities?

If you do, you could create a poll and see which ones people are interested in doing.

Hey @Gauche we have had a couple of chorus projects before! Check out

And these threads are all for chorus projects~!

Anyways, Its a good idea to choose the song you want to cover, then add it in the title of the thread.

Next, Recruit your singers, mixers, vid makers, etc. SET DEADLINES because otherwise you won't get anything done ^ (see threads above, some have died mysteriously)

So if you need a singer, I'll be available I think XD

The first Chorus was completed because people were fired up and ready for the project. Try to keep track of all those in the project, get their emails or msn or whatever and stay in touch!

Good luck!

Sounds interesting. I got a non CL member who may be interested in helping.

I only chose Every Heart cause I've always loved that song and BoA too.Not sure if this song is what you're into but I thought it was good.

Just for future reference, you can edit a thread and add a poll to it by editing your first post. A mod can probably merge your two threads together though.

With that said... ARGH! SO MANY GOOD SONGS!

@Fieyr: Blargh, I totally miss the "Edit Thread" Button! D:

@MrTingles: Every help is appreciated, I think I might be able to grab some non CL Members to help this project too. Well We'll have to wait till the Poll results came out so I could start opening Slots for singers, Mixers, Video makers etc.

@Nguyeezy: I'll put that into account o^^o, although Im not sure how I could edit the poll selection without erasing the polls first.. ^^;;

You should have:

Hello/how are you
Joking speaker
Chiisa na sono te de
Suki kirai

I'll post the videos later. I'm sort of in school right now...

Hurray for another Chorus Project!

If you need any help with mixing and video-editing, I can always lend a hand. However, I'll be very busy starting from September, due to going back to school. (Giving editing-deadlines always helps.)

Oh and, whatever the song may be, I'm planning on singing in this! ;D

Every heart or Romeo x Cinderella
but... I prefer

[this is my theme song :'D]

._. Yeah... I'm strange >_>

I wanna join! And... I could edit voices or something >_> Love messing with music :'D

@AnimeShifter, lol Portal 2. Dunno if it's only me but I think Portal 2 is a lot easier than Portal. ;o

I'd love to sing Gemini with everyone. :<

@n1xx: I wonder if we can finish this project at the end of summer. And yesh, Im pretty sure It'll be a busy month at September, Deadlines shall be made.

@AnimeShifter: :'D and so you shall.

Im going to merge this thread with the poll thread. Since double threads isn't really a good idea.

If we have dedicated workers for audio, icons and video, I'm sure this can be finished before September(we saw it happen with another chorus last summer). So I'm pretty sure that we can make this happen! :D

As for organization, maybe we could use the rest of the month to gather recordings and then take, at most, until the end of August to finish the whole editing(audio + icons + video: with appropriate deadlines for each). Of course, some of these steps can be done independently of one another.

Once you find all the editors you need, it may be a good idea for us to group-chat and discuss about how this should look(icon appearance, karaoke?, AMV or moving images?, etc.).

My Skype account is available on my profile page, if ever you'd like to contact me to organize the group-chat there. Or we could simply do it on this thread, in order to get the community's full input(it's your choice~).

These are but suggestions, you're free to organize this in any way that you find the most effective. :)

By the way, would you like me to merge both of your threads?

@n1xx You can merge the threads? :o Wow, I shouldn't have bother trying to move every post to the other thread by re-posting. Yush yush, merging the thread would be very much appreciated >.<

And I'll add you as soon as I have the time, Today's my last day at school so yeah. Pretty sure I'll be free for tomorrow. And by that said, Maybe Skype would be most effective, since I'm going to ask some friends of mine to help out with this project too (which they're not CL members) so Skype would be the best option. I'll contact you as soon as Im free.

Both threads are now merged!
(However, a little bit of cleaning-up may be necessary. I'll leave that to you. q:)

And I'll be patiently awaiting your contact request on Skype. :)

@n1xx Hyaaa D: The Polls are gone. You should have moved this thread to the polls thread. but then again, You mention "Cleaning up". Well it has to be done... Later. But thank you for merging the threads :'D much appreciated.

Attention: Anyone that already voted, would you guys mind re-voting? and I'll be updating the polls... again. Since there's more song request, so I'll be putting new song titles on the polls.

I wish I could have merged in that direction. In fact, a few moderators have already mentioned this issue, but I am guessing that it's still being reviewed or worked on.

Actually, for the moment, we are only able to merge in the direction of the oldest thread. I am eternally sorry for any inconvenience.

We cannot edit posts either, or else I would have gladly helped with the cleaning-up. I humbly apologize again. ^^''

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