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CHORUS PROJECT (Song Not Decided) (Thread) - Page 3

The song of your Choice


seems like i found out just in time... but there's nothing i can do from my current location... i would like to sing next time if you would remember me...

@Kinzer0 Why Not? We haven't started the Project just yet..


@AnimeShifter Not that I don't want to.. I just can't seem to revise the poll without deleting and re-making the poll again.

I wanted to put the First Opening song of D. Gray-Man too.. again, I don't know how I could add and revise the poll without re-making it.. and with the Current Deadline... yeah.

@Gauche - Assuming you want to do multiple songs, you could do a variation on what @Momimochi suggested and set a deadline for this first group of songs and pick 1 or more winners (instead of narrowing down the results by multiple polls). Then, create a brand new poll and have a another vote for any additional songs that are suggested.

We can't memorize all the songs at once, so this might allow us to get started on one song, while still deciding on others. Not saying that you should do this... but just wanted to throw the idea out there.

Oh... Ok then :>

Haha~ Just watched "Suki Kirai" PV and after read the lyrics, it reminds me with Usui Takumi and Misaki Ayuzawa from Kaicho wa Maid-sama! I vote Suki Kirai then!

A chorus sounds fun but IDK if I could do it...
Definatly will vote, though. When I'm not at school

@odaime Spot On. I was thinking the same thing when I put the song there. Usui Takumi, Usui Takumi~ (fangirls) And MISAAA-CHAAN! (fanboys)

@Fieyr Well if the participants wants more then one song, That could be done. But if they just wanted to stick with one song instead, I wont force it. Democracy has its on ways on solving things ^^;; When the first poll results comes up, we'll discuss it with the participants if they want one song or more then one song.

I'm surprised this isn't included in your list @Gauche -

EDIT: I can also do a cover art for the released song btw.

@MyogiWarrior34 - I believe we did that song in a previous chorus.

We did? I can't seem to recall. Can you link me?

-heavy french accent- But of course

Like I said from before, wow~ A chorus~ If you guys need a singer, I'm available. I'm cool with whatever song chosen ^^

Thanks @Fieyr for the link but no results found for an end product... :( Must've been deleted long ago. cries

@MyogiWarrior34 - indeed, I'll bug Riku about it.

Unfortunately, it seems like the issue with the Poll, still needs to be worked on. After talking about it with our @Admin, it seems that you have two reasonable choices available to you:

  1. Wait to receive a limited number of songs for the poll and then, open the votes.
  2. Leave the poll as it is, and not accept any more requests.

I see the former working well though. You give a certain date for our users to submit their suggestions, and then open the votes, after that deadline. In addition, in order to make sure that you get a maximum of votes, you might want to mention, in the thread title, that the votes are finally open.

However, this is your project, so I'll let you decide what is most effective.

(By the way, I added you on Skype! :D)

Bump for this thread because....

(Wtf happened to this thread. It died so suddenly.)

x3 bump... Y THIS IS SO DED?! ;w; I wanna sing D:

It seems like the deadline for song-voting is long past. Maybe @Gauche is currently too busy to access the site or he has simply accepted the request of a few people to extend the deadline?

In any case, I'll remind him of this, as soon as he logs onto Skype. ;)

The end product was never made for that Medley. In fact, only the audio was released and we actually didn't get any news about the video progress, up until now. However, you are right about the audio not being available anymore.

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