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[poll] Supido no Densetsu V - best Series Character W/ PICS (Thread)

Who do you think's the best Character?


As you've seen before on the projects thread; the Colorless project that has made a tremendous amount of progress has been aired on youtube and is part of the Colorless' golden archives. While the series is yet to be progressing; with the upcoming release of the AMV, and for further development of an official website for the video series (containing information and the like like a wiki) I'll be leaving a simple poll here that would last a month's time worth of feedback.

Colorless' Supido no Densetsu V video Series link

Supido no Densetsu V
Official Playlist
Episode OP video:

The characters listed on the list are the main characters who (obviously) have a major involvement in the storyline; be it the deliverer of the episode's message or someone with a direct involvement with the other listed characters. Vote who do you think deserves the best character award and why.

Top male and Top Female Character with the best Comment (as to why you chose him/her as the best character) will be credited on the development of the website's database.

Poll ends July 13, 2011.
Do support! Viva la Colorless powah!


And yes, Check out this series XD

I highly suggest you click the links, everyone. I updated the front page with direct links to youtube, the projects thread and a sample of who you need to vote for via the Opening Video.

And here's more added info about the characters:
A little overview of the characters listed:
Tomogashi Kitsumoro - Lead Character of the Series; a well determined & confident individual but oftentimes Emotional Drives the blue Nissan Skyline on the Videos. Ex-driver of Team Japan who self disbanded from the group. Voiced by @MyogiWarrior34
Kasumi Nadeshiko - Tomo's prime love interest. She's very supportive and looks after the group's welfare. She's also emotionally fragile. Voiced by @_yuuri_chan, @Stormkun, @n1xx
Hiei Kamura - 1/2 of the comedy duo & Tomo's best friend. Always loves to break the ice and known for obsession with lolis & two words: Damn Supra! Voiced by @peteian
Ryuusen Kennichi - 1/2 of the comedy duo & Tomo's best friend. He acts like a big brother to Hiei & Tomo and thinks realistically among the three; recently got into street racing and got himself killed once. Voiced by @hyzengard
Midnight Cinderella - The Wangan Queen; a long time foreign Shutoku legend. Known for her long blonde hair and blue eyes. A very cheerful and optimistic individual. Voiced by @Keri
Keisuke Mamoru - The "Joker" of Royal Blood's Abolished Clan. He's Tomo's cousin known by the name Kogure Seishiro. He may look or sound cold but his intentions are always pure. A very philosophical character (see Episode 6) Voiced by @Andoryu
Akane Murasaki - The "Ace" of Royal Blood's Abolished Clan. An empathic driver who poses as a fashion model by day. She is Kasumi's counterpart with regards to the clan. Has the ability to drive monster machines in an instant without fear. Voiced by @Shirosuke
Sentouki Ishii - The "Rook" of Royal Blood's Abolished Clan. The chief Police Officer of Osaka's Metropolitan Division. Known to drive Mitsubishis and is the only cop whose cop car is modified. Voiced by @Nandaba
Ketsui Yamamoto - The "Bishop" of Royal Blood's Abolished Clan. The famed young gun tuner of Osaka and specializing in mid/hi-boost tuning. Responsible for tuning Tomo's R34. A bit cocky around the head but still a nice person. Voiced by @Daikon
Seiji Tsuchiya - a long time Wangan Runner; nicknamed the Wangan God. He's mostly serious and silent but empathizes with drivers through his driving. Drives a Red Mitsubishi Evo. @Voiced by @jeroz & @UNOwen
Kazuhiko Aizawa - A journalist from J.T.T.Ed. who once sought for the Fastest in the Tri City of Kantou. Another long time Wangan runner; the best Rotary Driver there is (Drives an FD RX-7) Voiced by @DSP
Raymond Yamazaki - Known as the Lightning Angel, is also a long time Wangan Runner. Always a bit hyper and is responsible for tuning Ryuusen's RX-8 after the crash. Voiced by @Andoryu & @Nandaba

GASP My character is not there ( * A * )

Oh, BTW where is this new script you speak of?

@peteian, yes he is I just forgot to bold his name in. The script is in the Myogi's Supido no Densetsu Thread. Find the 4shared link posted by @Shirosuke-mama/jiejie/airen/-shot!

Edit: Named has been bolded/fixed.

@Kirn - ask @Acostoss to sticky it on the frontpage perhaps for more public view?

Update! Voice Actors/Actresses for the characters have been added to the character details.

i vote for ryuu~!! OwO

just a bump here: character images: COMING SOON!

@Yuuri G-gwaaah O_O Wait, why vote for meee?? I'm a side chaar

Vanity's sake votes for self =w=

btw; I noticed... no one vote for Midnight Cinderella? O.o

Okay o.o Votes for her There ^w^ I also Loved Midnight Cinderella myself.Especially how @Keri delivered the character. She keeps improving everytime she records her voice

hai hai hyzen-chan :)

Bumpin' to the frontpage.

Another bump for an update:

ED video has been uploaded into my channel:

Don't forget to vote. :)


And just to announce that I will extend the poll up to August/ Mid August. Please vote for proper feedback.

i vote for Seiji Tsuchiya!!! X3

Thanks guys; please keep on voting! Pics are placed for your perusal; refer it to others; and pass it on. All feedback is needed.

Oh, and for other fans; please break the tie! XD Only one character gets the award for best character.

Bumping to the front page for the great justice of Breaking the tie between Hiei & Ryuusen! Or if you wanna vote someone else and have them take the lead, now's the time!

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