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We have a chat bot! (Thread)

With a little script @halcy developed, we've been able to get a bot into chat! Right now, I'm throwing in a fortune generator, among other things, but already have a couple commands set up:

  • !rape
  • !hug
  • !test
  • 8-ball ?

Now, I'm open to ideas for commands and such, so please drop your ideas into the thread~

Am... Glomp? :'D Or just a simple hi?

Cool! ....Except for the fact that chat isn't working for me....

@TalTal19: Same thing here. I just don't really mind chat and I don't think chat actually works for me either.


How do you make it work?

'Coz I can't XD

^ Agreed
We tried it. All failed. It down?

Well, working on a votekick system, for now, but those can easily be abused. Add in that I have no experience with Perl, what is used to make the scripts we are dealing with, and yeah.

I have seen weather and google bots, though.

In which language is this bot written in? Maybe I can add some commands :D

For now:
!google [term] -> Google search
!colorless [term] -> Colorless search
!wiki [term] -> Wiki search

Also some games... like werewolf :D (


It's actually in Perl, written for the irssi IRC client. If you have any experience with Perl, I could find some things online to get you started.

Will this bot be eventually programed with the supposed personality of Server-tan?

@Beachball I agree with this sentiment.

Well, as soon as I get it back up, sure! Seems my bank account was a little short, and my VPS's invoices went to my Spam folder on my email, so the server that the radio and bot ran on are down~

To be fair, if you write a bot that talks IRC, then my script can tunnel it through to the chat.

... that maybe isn't a good idea to do, though, too many bots can get annoying really fast.

.... How about a drop kick?
And I have never went on chat


You should update the bots vocabulary for the 8-ball. Right now he answers most questions with another question and that's pretty unsatisfying. (Ok maybe not most) No need to delete current answers, just add more :D
Also he should have a low chance (like 5 percent or lower) on saying something random like "8-ball says: [insert name here] is adopted. No seriously, that's what it says."

Mooore Portal humor!

Bot now learns from chat, and will respond to certain things in chat. For now I have turned off the reply functionality, so she can learn, but she was well on her way when I muted her:
Note that she was not written/told to say this, but she pieced together words and sentences that she had learned from chat, and learned how they fit together. Over time, she will gain the personality of TheColorless, and really will become our Server-tan.

I then went to tweak the 8-ball's replies, to have more answers and written in a more tsundere/moe style. If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them.

As it stands now, we only have 8-ball and the AI. I'm reworking the chat bot from the group up, so that she's more stable, and easier to use throughout.

Anyone that knows Perl, or how to write a bot for IRC, I'd love to speak with you. Drop me a line in this thread, or send me a PM~

Oh goodness this is hilarious XD

We have a tsundere/moe Server-tan. My brain just exploded a little, in a good way.

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