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Out of School? (Thread)

I'm still stuck in finals for the next two more days and then I'm out!
Is everyone else out of school for the summer?

I go to tech college so I have school all year. :C

I'm already on summer holidays :'D

that really sucks D:

The computer here is terrible and won't let me use the chat >.>

I'm finally finished with my freshman year. I've been out for 2-3 weeks. No more frozen skin and sadness!!

3 exams left!

Got 2 A's and 2 D's so far lmao!

Graduating on the 20th!!!

Todays my last exam, and they haven't called me about any failed exams(I only had to pass economics to graduate) so I think I'm good.

Graduated on the 25 :3

Summer holiday is in 3 days. Three more days...I must hang on...
Still, this is not my final year.

good luck to anyone on their final exams. :D
I'm a sophomore so ">_> two more years of finals after this. qq

Right now I have been out for 2 weeks. Only one more year left before college.

I get out Friday, but from tomorrow till then I have finals D:

I have like two and a half weeks...

I get out next Wednesday. :(

6 days of school!!!!!!!!!!!! dies slowly comes back to life, but barley breathing it's... almost... there. anouther 5 sleepless nights... and.... about 502 cups of tea, and i think that i can live into an amazing summer vacation....... plop

This is my first week off. I'm excited to start PSEO next year though!

I've been out for 3 weeks and I am loving it!

hi im new here sup peeps? owo

I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I just finished 8th grade..So I'm in high school now ;D

Just got through my final paper for this semester and I'm looking foward to sleeping through the holidays and waking up one morning to find out I have to get back on the hamster wheel and I didn't memorise any latin at all. (T_T)
I HATE school!!

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