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Out of School? (Thread) - Page 2

I finished today! YAY! :'D

I finished on the 17th YAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
now what do I do?

;_; 2 Exams left..

Finished last year, going to college early next year after I move. I actually miss school even though I skipped all the time and didn't do my homework :/

Finished about a month ago.

Finished uni on the 3rd, came home on the 18th and am now bored because none of my home friends are back so I can't go out with them. What to do???

wow! so many of you are still in exams. I've been done with school for 5years now. ~cries~ i feel so old. I did go and study, so i'm not completely useless but done with that too.

Good luck to all who still have exams!! :D/

I am finally done with the slow, tortured death known as finals!!!!!!!!!!
Now all I have to do is relax until August when I start my freshman year in high school

Been out for 3 weeks. Been pretty boring though.

Finished May 27th and has been pretty boring cause you can't wait till summer comes and then when it does it's actually more boring than you expect

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