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How do you save money? (Thread)

Ok, So I want to save up for something I've been wanting for a long time, But I find it hard "Just like other people do" To save up the money for it.

So what do you do to save your money? I was thinking of hitting myself in the head with a rock so I'd forget I have a bank account. Help me before I really do it.

What I do is I throw all my money in my money box and I forget about it, and then when I look, I have hundreds of dollars.

good question... as I am growing up I started to realize that it's easier to make money than to spend money. Saving up has to do with how well you spend it.

You can always not spend your money, but one has to spend money regardless. So set up a limit for yourself and you can start there.

Sheer will and the promise of something better.


@Decae Well a money box wont do me to good, Seeing as I need 2.8k in that box.. And knowing me I'd spend it. :/

@9mm A limit is a good idea. I'll just make sure I have some left over lol. Thanks.

MORE, I NEED MORE! With money I'm like a drug addict, Gotta spend that shit, So more help please. ;D

Lend all your money! It's like having it and not having it at the same time. Perfect solution.

@Nico I'll lend you $250 AUD.

Most of my money goes out the door eating out at restaurants. When I'm trying to save money, I spend more time in the kitchen cooking my meals.

Brb, creating fake paypal account~

You first need to spend a month of your life living in poverty. Until you know what its like to be really poor, you will never appreciate money as much. Derpa derp.

I have my money saved in separate locations. So basically I have money saved in a bank, a personal safe, and only a few amount of spending money on my wallet. I never spend any money unless its ones I have in my wallet.

I've seen several ways to save money. I myself only use cash for extraneous purchases, but card for essentials so I can keep track of necessary expenditures. For the cash, I never keep more than USD40 on hand and I only refill it every two weeks (usually when I have a pay check).

A good friend of mine uses a strange variation where she only spends 1s, 10s, and 20s, but puts 5s in a box for specific saving.

@syunfung; That's quite a good idea, I might just try that. Thanks. This thread is a huge help.

I rarely ever have cash on me. So if I know I don't need anything when I have to leave the house, I leave my card in my room. That way, I won't be tempted to spend. I tend to waste a lot of money before work/after school if I do have my card on me.

As for saving, I put money in my savings account every time I get paid. But that amount normally isn't much, so I have a way to combat that. I normally make enough money ech paycheck to last me until next paycheck. So if I have money left right before I get paid again, I put the rest of the last check into the savings account.

Invest in reliable unit trusts.

What I do is limit my spending to cash only.

Never use that debit card!

So for example, each month you allow yourself to use a certain amount of your income.

So at the beginning of the month, you withdraw that amount and ONLY use that amount.
Better yet is leave that card at home so you don't feel compelled to use it.

This also means no online purchases either, until you save up enough for whatever it is you want.

I practice the best way possiable. Don't spend any of it. I've been practicing it for 17 years and it hasn't failed me yet.

Keep track of what you spend money on for a month (Even little things, like a soda at a vending machine for 1€), add things into categories like "food" "drinks" etc., see where your expenses are and where you could spend less. Even the keeping track alone will probably make you think twice about every purchase, which is good.

It's hard to save money I know. Everytime I get money I either spend it on anime/manga/videogames. It's an endless cycle. (I usually lecture my Boyfriend about this...he's worse). My plan is that, first I budget what I will spend in my week (every week on bills/food) then with what I have left over I:

  1. A jar in my room for change laying around, or if I have a dollar or so at the end of the day it goes in the jar. After a while it'll be extra pocket change once it builds. (After about a year and a giant mess of coins later I had about $150. Which I spent at an anime convention. :3)
  2. I keep two separate bank accounts. One CHECKING for everyday or emergencies(ie. bills). Second is a SAVINGS account (that I know if I touch it before a set time the bank will take a nice chunk of change (aka fees). So it tends to stop me before I make the decision to touch it).

It takes a lot of will power but it has helped me save for a while. Once I get a job I'll stick to my plan again. I saved a lot to keep my addiction for manga. XD

By not spending it :l

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