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How do you save money? (Thread) - Page 2

Cook your own meals. Buying ingredients and cooking yourself will save you considerable cash, but do know it is a time-consuming process.

So in essence it all boils down to time management. Is it more effective to spend time cooking food to lower costs, or spend more time working a job overtime and eating out more frequently due to lack of time? That all is up to you.

For saving money:

1) You need to know in what you'll spend it later
2) Determination to save it and not spending it in other stuff
3) Maybe dividing the money. A part for daily spending, and the other for saving

Well, that's how i bought my guitar :D now i'm happy i didn't spend the money on small stuff

I just starve...

I just don't buy stuff. Since I'm still a student and live with my parents I don't have much expanses. And even if I don't need to save for something special I still try roughly budget myself to half of the money I get per month.

If you are living by your self and cook your own meals, look at the comparison prices in the store(for kilo/liter etc). The prices on the same things can vary a lot between brands and package sizes.
Same same but different you know.

If you make a budget of how much money you allow yourself to spend for example a month, take that money in cash and leave the credit card at home. It's hard to spend money when you don't have it.

By keeping yourself busy with activities that don't use up your money so quickly

I swiched to GEICO....

@TalTal19 You sort of made my day.

Let me get this straight.

You have some income which covers your basic necessities and a bit more.

So you find yourself in a situation when your necessities are covered and you have something left, right?

And then you spend whatever is left, right?

Figure that one out, Einstein.

I take same amount of money for lunch every week but I only spend half of it.....and then, when month ends I have pretty nice pile of money that I put away....and I do that every month, every year, and now I have just enough of saved money for my driving licence tests....and that is a lot in my country....

Open deal.
You have gain.

:D go to the financial district !!


I love you right now.


@TalTal19 <3 hng I love you for loving me and adding C's quotes <3

what i do is put most of my money in my bank and never use my debit card unless i really need to. and then i put the rest of my money in my purse. i usually just take some money from my purse and leave it at home so i'm not tempted to buy other stuff when i'm saving up.

What I do is... Well, I simply don't spend much money =3=

I use a 32-day savings account. They bearly earn anything in interest, but the benefit is that you have to give 32 days notice before you can draw. Means you have to be pretty intentional about it. Been chucking money in there since I was a kid - it's great for the more expensive items like computers / motorbikes / airtickets etc.

The best way to spend is if you have your allowance for the day, bring at least the money that you will be needing for the day and the rest will go to your piggy bank or something that you will be needing for saving :) That's what i do.

Or, if you have unnecessary things in your house, why not sell them to whoever wants to buy it? That's a good way to earn money.

get some one to hide the money and only give you some when you need it

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