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what is the weirdist/disgusting thing you have every done (Thread)

i was once dared to lick the seat of a public bathroom

When I was 5 I accidentally derped while eating a gummy bear and the candy came out of my nose, and I ate it anyway.

am... The most disgusting thing I have done/doing it is living

I was drunk...

And took a shit in someones lap while they were sleeping on the train.

I asked this girl out when I was 11 and I got rejected. Then I cried in front of her. oh man... so uncool...

I was invite to a friends party that was in the neighborhood... I was going to ride my bike there and I felt I had a fart on the way there... turns out it was diarrhea (e ue)...

@PureBoredom you made me lulz irl.

I ate dog poo when I was 4 when the babysitter lost track of where I was.

Ok. I was 6. This teenager had this pokemon card I wanted. He made me show him my penis. I didn't get the pokemon card.

Had to change out of clothes after going swimming at my friends house. I only had a towel on when a girl walked in the room. I had my belt right in front of me, so I grabbed it. I made a loop and snapped it right when we met eyes. She closed the door, and we said nothing about it.

i was 5 when i was racked then i cryed in traffic had 3 cops show up i was so embarresd

ive racked my self and had to have 3 cops show and and a emt help me and the cops had to direct traffic around me

I accidently ate powdered donuts with maggots in them... I'll never look at food the same ever again.

really wow

Yeah... I never saw them until I looked at the dounut. Trust me, it's worse than finding a dead cockroach in your jeans which actually happened.

Insects mock me sometimes.

This isn't me, but when my nephew was little, he drank toilet water after he shat in it, just so he could tell his friends.

@Decae: That's even more disgusting. Just saying that Decae made me imagine it. Now I know how those people feel about their reactions of the 2 girls 1 cup video. Which I have never seen.


Me and one of my friends were playing a trick and while we were getting away I ran straight into a metal fence. I still don't know how I didn't get a brain injury or something though. I mean we were running really fast. You would think you would be able to see something right in front of you but at the time I was looking over my shoulder to make sure we weren't being chased. I didn't even go uncouncious, I just sat there holding my head for about 15 minutes lolz!!

i once puked and then ate it then did it aleast 4 times
then i quit it was nasty as hell

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