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what is the weirdist/disgusting thing you have every done (Thread) - Page 2


@DJchaos341: I think that's almost like the 2 girls 1 cup video, except theres more than just puking.

true true

Merged "the most disturbing" and "the dumbest" threads made by the same user. Pretty much the same shit.

yeah but its kinda my thing to get to know people

I cleaned up a fully green, powdery, corn bread from my dirty kitchen floor. And it was supposed to be yellow. I will never see corn bread or green foods the same EVER again!!

I was cleaning my kitchen once and found a bag of green limes and picked one out...

They weren't limes.

They were oranges with mold.

And the mold dispersed into the air when I held it and floated around in the air.

And I think i may have inhaled ._.

I licked a piece of old chewed gum that was found on the ground outside of my school. It was dirty and disgusting but it tasted like nothing.

That's disgusting. When I finished cleaning the green corn bread, there was a powdery green splotch on the floor, and I accidently steeped in it and it irritated and burned my feet. That'll be a wonderful thing to dream about.

i once ate a spider or an insect (dunno what it was) while i was half asleep

@Raizeil I think that's...illegal. In fact that's highly disturbing.

@NGH Illegal that I did it or he made told me to? I was 6...

@Raizeil No, he would be the one to blame for that. You aren't responsible in any way.

Once I was feeling ill and needed to spew so I sat in bed and spewed all over the blankets, and the fourth time that day I didn't eat any thing and spewed up some yellow substance thinking it was alien spew... Mum told me it was just some bio stuff what ever its called. And I still do this. You know how your fingers have three parts (there's 2 lines then three other things... sorry if I have messed your head up) yeah well I can bend the top one so creepy

i once puked on my younger sister's lap when i was little during a road trip...

Back when I was in school, some girl drenched me in orange juice when I was walking down the stairs. Her and her friends started laughing hysterically at me, so I marched back up there and rubbed my sticky self all over her & her friends screaming YOU BEEN TANGOEDDDDDD!!!! After they ran off screaming I just went to class. Smelt of oranges all day. Not bad.

I went to a friends birthday party on a tricycle, with a blowup doll (his present) roped to my back. I was wearing a party hat and a bright yellow t-shirt. When I arrived I played 'happy birthday' on the kazoo, before giving him his present. I was a little out of it that day...

I lost at Black Jack so I had to dance without my pants on in the bar where we played...that was emberessing...FUCK!

I tortured this really weird/unique insect that may have been a beetle then crushed it with a brick. It made a really nasty crunching sound...

I quite recently made a pointless thread relaying the sensory information I had gathered from consuming a solution composed of expired V8 vegetable juice and Sam's Cola beverage. The thread was quickly deleted.

I also once shat on the floor and brought the results to my mother when I was 2.


*OH! And also, when I was about 8, just for the hell of it, I started pissing in an empty shampoo bottle that was in the shower. I had about 2 weeks worth of piss saved up. For some reason I can't recall, my dad had to bathe in that shower instead of his for one night.

He used that shampoo bottle.
And hilarity ensued.

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