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Minecraft [new] (Thread)

New thread since Gargron deleted all his forum posts, also killing the whole active Minecraft thread!

Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. At night monsters come out, make sure to build a shelter before that happens.

For 15€, you get a package full of magic and wonders~

There is also a DEMO available, which only limits the time available on each world (90 minutes), but otherwise lets you use all current features.
Minecraft Wiki
Notch via Twitter
Notch's Minecraft Dev-Blog

Reserved for whatever, like patch-logs or guides~

Colorless Minecrafter:


I'll add those who post on here and those who i hear about playing Minecraft

Well I'll take this opportunity to post my newest house. Wanted to go back to basics.

I am looking for people to play with me ):

In a multiplayer server, we made a giant ass tree and were going to build on top of it.

That is, until somebody placed a block of nether-rack and LIT IT ON FIRE.

A Colorless SMP server would be nice x -o though im afraid of the population stressing it out

@VivoDePyre LOL

I don't quite get it. What's so interesting about this game? The sandbox aspect I guess? What makes this better than, say, a Runescape. Enlighten me.

@Fieyr Pigs drop pork.

@9mm - Dreams do come true...


There's a lot that goes into it, that is quite hard to define. The multiplayer aspect, of working together with friends to build amazing things, the redstone/engineering aspect, allowing for simple circuits to do such things as make a working rail station out of basic logic gates, the survival, the dungeon exploring, monster fighting, and many other things, all come together in a fun package.

There is a demo available, if you wish to try it out before you buy it. It's really quite fun.

I shall upload my world file once I have the time... @DarkChaplain it would be nice to have a list with all the different users world files, if lots of people do upload their world.

Can Minecraft run on mac? Because I'm planning to buy one.


The Apple Freak Sign Painter

@acostoss thanks for linking the demo, I forgot to add it last night ;____;

a list of Minecraft-users would be fun, true, and if people feel like sharing that'd be great

I am going to start over. @_@ I have lots of plans for my world. The one thing I'd like to experience is a multiplayer server though. ._. /always playing alone whatever game it is

Me and some friends had a minecraft-LAN a few weeks ago

20 hours minecraft without a pause

PvP was nice , but just building something is the best after all

I play ocassionally, on the server @acostoss plays on as well~

Also, minecraft is CLEARLY about showing off your AWESOME BUILDING SKILLZ. :V


Added you peoplez, any more to put onto that list of CL Minecrafters?

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