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It has been officially released! awwright. all i need is for my friend to come home from work =.= so i can play on his sever ehhh, anyone have a sever yet?

my first pixel art

so there is a new server called UnionCraft it was just started, i wanted to see if anyone was interested in joining and crafting some cool or interesting building or structures. there is no limit to the things built in this server. the possibilities are endless. here is a link to there page and there facebook page!/pages/UnionCraft/244264318943761?sk=wall if you like on facebook and join the sever it would be a big help thanks.

@Kiboune: Simply Beautiful.

hey guys. i have a 18 man server. im willing on making it a "the colorless" server. so just post here or pm me your name and ill pm you back the server ip

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