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The Best and Worst State Nicknames (Thread)

So I found a list and thought I'd mention some. :)

*Aloha State=Hawaii
*Centennial State=Colorado
*Hoosier State=Indiana (Hoosier either means a resident of Indiana or an awkward, unsophisticated person)
*Pelican State=Louisiana
*Old Line State=Maryland
*Show Me State=Missouri (Show what? I mean really?)
*Cornhusker State=Nebraska
*Tar Heel State=North Carolina
*Sooner State=Oklahoma
*Beaver State=Oregon
*Little Rhody=Rhode Island (Personally I think that this one is just sad)
*Volunteer State=Tennessee
*Beehive State=Utah
*Panhandle State=West Virginia

*Golden State=California
*Land of the Midnight Sun=Alaska
*Land of Opportunity=Arkansas
*Sunshine State=Florida
*Gem State=Idaho
*Wolverine State=Michigan
*Land of 10,000 Lakes=Minnesota
*Treasure State=Montana
*Silver State=Nevada
*Land of Enchantment=New Mexico
*Coyote State=South Dakota
*Green Mountain State=Vermont

Why is aloha bad?

why is beaver bad?


i think "littlr Rhody" sounds kinda cute :) but i dont speak for people who accalu live there.
what about "the big apple" for New york, i always found that kinda weirde

Aloha and beaver are bad just because it's sort of ridiculous to have a state that's famous for that. Wolverine isn't on that list 'cause I personally think that it sounds pretty cool.

Georgia is the Goober State!

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