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If You Could Only Eat One Thing For The Rest Of Your Life (Thread)

What would it be.For me.

Some kind of awesome tasting smoothie that meets all my nutritional needs.

I don't consider drinking eating. So I'll just say pizza. But Root Beer if drinks count lmao.

I'm gonna second the pizza. ooooooh variety <3

-Leans back while sipping on his smoothie-

Unless those are vegetarian pizzas, I'll give your arteries 5 years. Tops.

Lol,this is suppose to be a simple what would you like to eat thread.Lets keep consequences out of the equation.

@Tong Looks good to me :L

Katsudon for the rest of my life? Count me in!

@Nguyeezy - @Tong's post has all sort of consequences... very very good consequences...

Pork Pot stickers!!!!!!
They're magically delicious!!

@Nguyeezy Same as you.

Tequila Guac. It's both healthy and a contradiction :).

Pot stickers is the food of the gods.

Sushi as well. Squid preferably

@Kuru @astrogaijin OH YEAH

I hate how it doesn't fill you up though. My family was going to have some for dinner but we didn't because of that reason. But I was fine settling for a very good parmesan chicken.

@TalTal19: It so very is!!
@astrogaijin: I've actually never tried sushi before. I think I never did because of the raw fish and how it can give you tape worms and all that. I think the stories I've heard about caused that, too.

@Anemone1 I eat sushi once in a while and so far never gotten it.It all depends on the chef if they are good a detecting worms or not.

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