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Your Favourite Game/Sound Novel OST (Thread)

I searched if there was a thread about this subject in music section but I couldn't find any so I had to make one~

You can send multiple tracks if you want to

One of my top favourite is The Edge of the World from PS1 game, Grandia.

I really love this one because the scene in the game was so outstanding when the game's adventurers found out that there's a whole new world to be found beyond a huge wall called End of the World.

Please share epic game osts with everyone~

Okami OST

Xenosaga III OST: I love you sincerely

Final Fantasy XII: The Salikawood

Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops: Calling to the Night

LoZ OoT: Bolero of Fire

LoZ OoT: Nocturne of Shadow

Well, I bring the Touhou. I love Pc-98 musics Touhou forgot the name of the ost I like orz and Imperishable night ost, all <3

And Blazblue ost
I never play, but a friend always makes me listen ost and I really like it T__T DAMN I WANT TO PLAY BLAZBLUE!

@Yoshiya I sincerely adore Okami, not just because of its plot and style but the music is like sex for the ears <3

Ookami's ost are fabulous ! <3 traditionnal music ftw.


Here's a "small" list of some of my favourite game tracks:

Assuming by Sound Novels you also meant Visual Novels here are a few of my favourites:

@ImagineBreaker o you play touhou?~<3

\o/ awesome OST hng :< want to play persona

OH YES TRAUMA CENTER /andIdidn'tfinishedthegame<//<"/

@Asuka-chii yeah I play Touhou~ though I still haven't finished a single one =(
Both Trauma Center and Persona are awesome (got to finish New Blood and get back to Persona 3) XD I wish they released the Trauma Team (latest Trauma Center) here already =(

The whole Le Portrait de Petite Cossette OST

(although the game sucked really bad the music was awesome)

Mine are

Shadow Hearts-Near Death Experience

Final Fantasy X-2 - Memory of Lightwaves

Final Fantasy X-2 - Wind Crest: The Three trails

I love FFX's and Umineko's music too.

If you liked the Eternity: Memory of Lightwaves from X-2, you'd probably like the orchestral version of the song. I think it's a creative twist. More upbeat and such.

Love on Persona, .Hack, Steins;gate, Kingdoms heart, Final Fantasy etc etc! >U< I think my favourite soundtrack might be from Key's game, Aion and Final Fantasy.

DeathSmiles - Burning Halloween Town... LOVE IT!

GTA San Andreas
Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day


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