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Your favorite non-alcoholic drink? (Thread)

mine is "Sanpellegrino Aanciata." best orange soda ever! you should give it a try.

p.s. I don't take any kind of water as an answer. they are great and all, but too boring.

Root beer

@Kuru what kind of root beer?


Red Bull

Elderflower <3<3<3<3<3

The all famous sugar coated Dublin Dr. Pepper!!!

NESTEA (white peach) and Limonade ( Lorina <3 )
and Diabolo <3 ( GRENADINEEEEEEEE~)

@9mm I didn't know it exists this kind of San pellegrino o_o

I prefer the nectar of the gods, also known as Coca~Cola

@Asuka-chii oh it does :) and it's really good too.

the blood of innocent tomatoes.

@9mm I need to taste it ;w;

Dr. Pepper!

Holy water!

Water? What's...water?

Tea. Usually green or oolong.

Am... "Smetoniška gira" cough cough

cough it has like 0,3% alcohol... But... I DON'T CARE! We consider it as alcohol free! cough It's tasty :3

I love Coca-cola


and Rockstar Guava :D.


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