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Your favorite non-alcoholic drink? (Thread) - Page 2

Lemon ice tea (Nestea) it is unbelievably tasty!
Other than that, water and milkshakes :3

@9mm thank you for the suggestion! Will definitely give it a try if I find it here in my country (backwater place)

What the fuck is wrong with you people and your drinks?

Sanpellegrino is amazing.
I like berry smoothies and chocolate milkshakes.

Iced tea. :'D Sometimes I love red tea. Or bubble tea. Tapioca black milk tea is heaven, one of my addictions.

Tea, tea, tea. :3


Non-alcoholic? I am not familiar with this term.

Coconut juice, love the meat in it.

THE ANSWER IS OBVIOUS! PISS, DUH!!! What other choice is there but piss.Piss is hands down, everyone's first choice.

@Nandaba Why you show us a glass of Vodka? We said NON-ALCOHOLIC drinks. /whutstupidjokes/

I guess my favorite one is orange juice too. I remember there was a time I drank a liter of it per day. Then my parents stopped to buy orange juice, telling me it would be bad for my health if i drank too much. THE FUCK, ORANGE JUICE IS THE BEST.

Apple juice is better.

Orange juice>Apple juice any day.

Orig, No. Apple juice > ANYTHING

Water is like crack to me. Addicting.


Father, no. Orange juice > Apple juice. Therefore, Orange juice > everything.

@The_Original_Original Exactly. Perfect example of syllogism to show the superiority of orange juice over apple juice.


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