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Kicks (Thread)

Ah yeah, So I noticed how the kick function isn't working.
I believe someone told me that like a week ago or so. But now when I finally need it I noticed how utterly powerless I am in the chat. I just banned the guy instead. But as long as he doesn't leave the chat he can still spam.

We need this kick.

Still not working?
Haven't noticed, Mu's not been arguing enough with Tai lately.

@Admin, please look into it D:

I remember myself and @Keri experiencing the same problem, around one or two months ago. I wonder if it occurred for the same reason as last time.

you mean, we got another chat update, @n1xx? 8D

Maybe so. I know Gargron was working on it, during the last few days. The chat-bubble color problem seems to have been resolved yesterday, but I'm unsure about the kick-button issue though.

Okay, this REALLY needs to be fixed AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
@Admin, please do your best!

Last night we had spammers, now we have russian agitators insulting our members in russian, and maybe worst of all, we couldn't even kick Mu if we wanted to!

No, really, this needs to be fixed.

I actually spoke with our Dev with it, about a week or two ago. My memory of the convo is kinda fuzzy, so I may be remembering it incorrectly, and will get to you with the truth, when I speak to Gar.

The problem is, it could be insecure, and possibly misused, and working, or, as it is now, working, but it takes a couple tries for it to work. The last bout of bugfixes to the chat, prior to the chat remake that you've undoubtedly seen. led to a revamp of the kicking. As such, it doesn't always "fire" correctly. It's still possible to kick, I've done it myself, you just have to keep trying.

I'll talk to him about fixing it/redoing it/etc tonight/tomorrow, when we get in touch. I'm really sorry about this. We really need this around for when we get the swath of new users.

Wonderful news! I'm glad it's been put on high priority!
If the kicks work then there shouldn't be any problems in the chat, from a moderators point of view. And we pretty much have the forums under control. So it's all good. c:

Great to know that something can be done, in the meantime that this gets completely resolved.

Quite unfortunate to hear about the swarm of spammers, Russian agitators and especially Mu not getting his daily kicks(:'D).

In all seriousness though, I wish I was there, in chat, to help with these problems. My internship and my studies are keeping me very busy, so I am wholeheartedly sorry for not being able to intervene at such crucial times. bows

3 goddamn hours of that, according to those who were online at that time...

Oh, yes, forgot to mention that here. It's been fixed, as you probably know. When kicked, it mutes the user, and they cannot post anything, while watching the other messages go through, until they refresh. If they continue to spam, don't be afraid to do a 15 minute - hour long ban~

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