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Really REALLY Exotic Dishes (Thread)

When I was in class today, my teacher shared to us his experience in the Philippines. He says that in Los Baños, they feed a dog some delicious dish, "shake" the dog until it barfs, take the barf and cook it then eat it.

I mean yeah "eww" was my first impression but hey. It's their culture there.. or is it? Are there any Los Baños residents here in Colorless? I just want to confirm if this is true.

Hearing confirmation from the residents themselves is totally different from researching it in the net.

Again, I am not questioning any customs nor am I saying this is confirmed. I am simply inquiring if this morsel of information is true.

Animal Activists, please understand that there is no mistreatment occurring onto the dogs according to the culture there. Please respect them if ever this information is confirmed.

No controversy please. This is just pure curiosity.

Anyways, are there other VERY exotic dishes you members are aware of?? Especially from your home town?? Or from some ethnic groups, perhaps??

I'm not from LB, so I can't say for sure, but it's probably true. It reminds me of "pinikpikan" from Baguio, they string up live chickens by their necks and beat them until they're bruised and dead~

go search "Epic Meal Time" on youtube.

@9mm Bacon strips.

@9mm Well.... that was disturbing...


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