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Spiral Knights [Free 2 Play] [Now with PvP!] (Thread)

Guild Page Impressions


Band together and fight to the Core! Spiral Knights is a cooperative adventure in a persistent world with a focus on instant, fast-paced action. Arm yourself and join the ranks of the Spiral Knights; stranded on an alien world, they must explore the ever-changing Clockworks beneath its surface in hopes of reaching its mysterious Core.

Game relies on an Energy-system.
You have 100 Energy a day to spend on certain actions like entering dungeons, which regenerates while you're not playing.
You can play completely for free, but can buy additional "Crystal Energy" for real money, to expand your playtime and progress faster.
However, this is not mandatory! You can actually grind and buy CE for ingame coins.

The game is kinda fun, MMO-ish Coop Dungeon Crawler.
Try it!

Websites & Guides

Spiral Knights Website
Official Spiral Knights Forum
Official Spiral Knights Wiki
Spiral Knights Steam Storepage
Spiral Knights Steam Forum
Colorless Steam Group

Thanks to @Soda for some quick clarifications on Energy!

I think I should quickly brief you people on the methods of reviving so you won't waste all your energy on that.

Living party member shares half his/her health to revive you
Reviving yourself using energy. Here you should remember the energy cost doubles each time.
Another party memeber pays to revive you.
A party memeber reaches the elevator.
It should also be mentioned that reviving primarily uses Mist Energy, however if you run out of ME you'll start using the more valuable Crystal Energy at the same cost.

Chat Commands

/t [user] [text] or /tell or /w or /whisper
to send a personal chat message to a specific user
/r [text] or /respond
to reply to the last user who /t'd you
/p [text] or /party
to talk to your current group
/g [text] or /guild to use the guild chat.

Full list of Chat Commands
Full list of Emotes

Colorless Spiral-Knights:


@Acostoss - Name: Acostoss
@Archangel - Name: magentaknight
@Ashkachan - Name: Ashkachan
@Crow - Name: Roundeye
@Dante_Butler - Name: Hemlok
@DarkChaplain - Name: Crymor
@FreeTicket - Name: Kiost
@Jeroz - Name: jeroz
@Kirn - Name: Shars
@Krysis - Name: Kryxis
@Kubinashi-Rider - Name: Komurasaki
@Kuru - Name: Kimimoto
@Midori - Name: Meia
@Misomisa - Name: Misomisa
@Nandaba - Name: Jewmaster / Judenmeister
@Nico - Name: Popguin
@OverSol - Name: OverSol
@PureBoredom - Name: Pureboredom
@Seoj - Name: Devilluke
@Settsuo-kun - Name: Bananagogo
@Shinsengumi - Name: Shinsengumi
@Shirosuke - Name: Shirosuke
@Soda - Name: Sodaling
@Soraaa - Name: Yukizora
@Stormkun - Name: Stormkun
@Sushi - Name: Aerachiel
@TokoyamiSenshi - Name: Tokoyami
@unkindness - Name: Synq
@VoltA - Name: Voltata
@Xyopq - Name: Xyopq
@ xx Zetta xx - Name: Zetta-Lightning
@9mm - Name: Episode

I'll add those who post on here and those who I hear about playing Spiral Knights.

Colorless-Guild was founded!
If you wanna join, add yourself on this thread, including your Character's name! Otherwise I cannot invite you!

Crafting offers:

Section for crafting offers. If you want/need one of those items, talk to the one offering it.
!Make sure you got the ingredients and can pay for the necessary energy!

- Big Beast Basher [1-Star] - @DarkChaplain @Midori
- Bolted Blade [1-Star] - @DarkChaplain
- Calibur [2-Star] - @DarkChaplain @VoltA
- Cutter [2-Star] - @DarkChaplain
- Heavy Hatchet [1-Star] - @DarkChaplain
- Hot Edge [1-Star] - @Soda
- Shocking Edge [2-Star] - @xx Zetta xx
- Tempered Calibur [3-Star] - @xx Zetta xx

- Autogun [2-Star] - @DarkChaplain
- Blaster [2-Star] - @DarkChaplain @VoltA
- Shadowtech Alchemer [2-Star] - @Soda
- Super Stun Gun [1-Star] - @Soda
- Zapper [1-Star] - @DarkChaplain @Midori @xx Zetta xx

- Blast Bomb [2-Star] - @Soda
- Cold Snap [1-Star] - @DarkChaplain
- Firecracker [1-Star] - @Soda

- Cobalt Helm [2-Star] - @DarkChaplain @Midori @VoltA
- Jelly Helm [2-Star] - @Soda
- Skelly Mask [2-Star] - @DarkChaplain
- Solid Cobalt Helm [2-Star] - @DarkChaplain
- Spiral Scale Helm [1-Star] - @DarkChaplain

- Circuit Breaker Armor [1-Star] - @DarkChaplain
- Cobalt Armor [2-Star] - @DarkChaplain
- Solid Cobalt Armor [3-Star] - @DarkChaplain
- Spiral Demo Suit [2-Star] - @Soda

- Defender [2-Star] - @DarkChaplain
- Great Defender [3-Star] - @DarkChaplain
- Plate Shield [2-Star] - @DarkChaplain
- Skelly Shield [2-Star] - @Soda
- Volt Breaker Shield [2-Star] - @DarkChaplain @Soda

Looks pretty cool! I might start if I find myself not lazy enough to download it ;_;

I'll probably hop in this weekend, once I finish up with a ton of work I have been doing this week.

I'm downloading it now. My currently playing list will never shrink at this rate....

Same here, @Settsuo-kun!
But well, at least this won't eat too much time, your daily fun is a bit limited, unless you pay money for Crystal Energy.
It's like an hour or two a day you can spend crawling, and you won't get hurt by not playing for a day or two =)


You have 100 Energy a day to spend on certain actions like entering dungeons, which regenerates while you're not playing.

I think I should mention that this is called Mist Energy and it does regenerate even while you're playing, at a rate of 1 energy per 13.2 minutes. It also can't go past 100 units.

EDIT: Forgot to mention it takes exactly 22 hours to regenerate 100 ME.

I'll start playing this after I graduate on the 20th! Looking forward to playing with you guys :)

maybr ill try if i have too much time on my hand s xDD though ive never played mmorpgs for long....

Correct /shot
We should prepare some starter guide for CL people soonish, might go and start once I feel like concentrating again :3

Same! It's gonna be pretty interesting if we get to raid Haven together :3

PS: Please Bookmark this thread!

Finished downloading sooner then expected took 8 mins(while it said 32 mins) lol

Started playing, controls are pretty simple actually since i prefer not to use my mouse(touchpad mouse ew) it works just as well with the keys which is why i like it so much right now.

I'll go back to it after i run these errands.

Edit: Back and ready to play.

IGN: Bananagogo

I might give this a try tonight, I am pretty busy this summer but I would love to play with you guys whenever I can.

I've been playing for 3 hours. Used way too much energy on one sitting. Sad that I have 4 energy.

Colorless Spiral Knights Guild?

Spiral Knights Name: Kimimoto
Steam: Kuru88

Please make sure to mention your Knight's names, so that people can add you to their friendslists! I'll put them up on the list as well =)

It's kinda surprising that this game is getting kinda populated with CL members :3

Oh, as for the guild, that will take 1000 Crowns and some Crystal Energy, the latter of which I don't have acquired yet, so patience :3

@DarkChaplain How much CE does it take exactly? Just asking out of curiosity.


"mor" is the danish word for "mother".

Your knight's name is "Cry mother"

You're welcome.

500 Energy + 1000 Crowns.
Looking into it right now, as the $ is still cheap, but Steam is having purchase-hiccups again sighs

I actually wanted to call my bot "CryMore" as a result of all other names being already taken. Turns out that name was taken as well. No numbers allowed. No signs. So I deleted the 'e' and tried it again, worked. I kept it.

Getting 500 CE ingame would cost about 20 000 crowns at the moment.. Atleast the last time I checked the rate was about 4000 for 100. Not a very realistic amount to get in a short time with the energy limitations.

Also Soda was taken so I raged /o/.

Almost forgot but I made myself a bomb for a weapon, haven't had a chance to try it out in action but it seems like it could be really useful against a large amount of enemies as it allows you to hit a large area while running away.

Looked very similar to dragonica, might try it out later...

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