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Donations, Advertisements, New Moderators, and Restructuring (Thread)

Why yes hello, time for a couple announcements and whatnot!


As you may have noticed, we have donations open again, towards the bottom of the sidebar. As it stood before, Gargron paid all costs that came up, if they did, but, with the generous sponsoring from Otacute, this was hardly the case. Now, having lost our sponsoring from them, due to a contract ending, and certain restructurings with Otacute.

Well, with this revelation, we're going to be in the red, paying for with from our own pockets. Why do I say "we"? Well, I feel, as admin, that it is my responsibility to help this site grow, in any way, shape, or form. That includes spending money that I earn from my job as a cook, so that you may have a community to enjoy, with no worries. Now, this isn't meant to say that I want praise or your love from it, I am only setting the standard for us all.

I'd like to ask that you consider donating what you can. Even so much as $1 will be helpful in getting the server costs paid for. This is not mandatory, and we'll find a way to make things work out, otherwise, but that isn't to say that we couldn't use the help.

On that note, thank you for being a great community, and doing all that you have to help make things so awesome here. Without the users, there is no community, so you have noone other than yourselves to thank for that.


Even as we can probably pay for things ourselves, any help we can get is awesome, and thoroughly appreciated.. As you'll notice, there is a text banner above this thread, advertising a strategy guide for Starcraft 2. I'd like to ask that you click the link, and see if there is anything that interests you on the site, as well as heading over to the sidebar, and looking at our other sponsors, "The Japan Shop" and "GameGround". Both are pretty cool, offering products/services that I hope are of use/interest to you~ Doing this ensures that they will stay with us longer, making it easier for us to pay for the server.

If you cannot see the ads, please turn off your Ad-Block for this site, if you would be so kind.

Also, I'd like to ask that you keep any eye out for people that are looking for a place to advertise, and pass this link around on Twitter/FB/Tumblr/whatHaveYou.

Finally, please understand that we need this money to make sure the place runs, but we will never have an obtrusive ads, such as popups, ones that cover the entire page, ones with sound, or anything else annoying like that. We hate them just as much as you do.

New Moderators

New moderators are still being decided upon. Right now, I am sorting through the applicants, and sorting all of the applicants into three catagories:

  • People whom I really hope to see on the team
  • People I really don't want to see on the team
  • People I am ok with joining the team, but ok if they do not

Once I sort them out, I will throw them onto a list, with their applications, and pass them onto the current moderators and have them decide whom they'd like to see. The current mods will be able to veto anyone I like or dislike, and voice why they want/doNotWant someone on the team, and we'll collab until we reach an agreement. Once choosing whom we want, they will be notified, promoted, and then announced, along with our reasons for choosing them, and our reasons for not choosing the others.

Hopefully, this seems fair enough to everyone. If anything, I will be here to address your concerns, in this thread.


We will be restructuring a couple things on the site, soon. Right now, the staff is discussing how we will tweak the rules, to better suit our growing userbase, how we will structure ourselves, and the job of moderation as a whole, and different positions in the Colorless State. While there isn't much to announce right now, I would still like to make it known that a few small changes will be happening, all of which should feel natural to everyone, and shouldn't have any real visible effect on how the community runs, but make it easier for us to do our jobs.

In closing, we are accepting donations, as we have lost a big sponsor for the site. As such, we are also looking for new ones, so be sure to pass this link to anyone interested, as well as on your FB/Twitter/Tumblr/Whatever. new moderator applications are coming along smoothly, and should be finished soon enough, and will be the start of a little bit of restructuring with the staff, and how we work to make this site as awesome as we possibly can.

As always, thank you for your time, and please, feel free to post your comments/questions/suggestions in this thread, or drop me a line on Twitter, Facebook, or via PM.

Have a great day~

I didn't hear anything I didn't like. Keep up the good work.

Huff, gonna reach for my purse again, then...
btw, @Admin, why don't we get a fancy DONATE-paypal button on that widget?
Just the text won't really get much attention, I assume...

Guess I'm gonna get used to pooling in about 5€ (~$7 atm) a month for my dear CL. I won't accept excuses for taking it down as long as donations flow ûu

As for the new rules, something I've longed for since.. well... last year. Glad its being set into motion now.

Moderator Applications will sure be interesting, I got some people on my list I'd like to see or wouldn't like to see as well.
Volkie sure belongs to the latter group, btw 8D

Let me close this post with a:
Good work, Momo!

I donated every Money on my PayPal Account to theColorless! (Well, it was only about 1$ xD). Hope this way I can support it :D

So, Does this mean the the Mod Applications are open? And Very good work with the New Stuff and the donations. i hope to donate as much as i can

It all sounds good to me. Keep up the good work!

@OverSol - Nah applications are closed.

They're in the 'weeding out the crazies' phase right now.

Oh, and yes, I will make this clear, with large text and colors, to make sure everyone reads it.

Moderator applications are closed~

So gotta donate!

wish I had money to donate with, but I am broke at the moment... damn economy making job searchin hard as hell

You guys need to figure out how to attract the new American Audience that will erupt when the DUB of durarara is released on Cable Television. If they all come here it should pay for the site, right? With more ad traffic and donations. Maybe return the Login Splash page for a while from The Dollars.

Cool update, I like to see things like this. I'll be looking into some things to generate a little cash. For now, clicking the links and what not will help.

One idea really quick. People love to stroke and show off their e-penis. How hard would it be to code something that records every time a user clicks a link. It may go against our ideals (whatever those are) to count something like that, but it may be good encouragement for people. I see it a lot on RO private servers, rewards for clicking rating sites. It would be a similar matter, but clicking advertisements.

Another option is to get Funimation interesting in CL. Their show (DRRR) is going to bring quite a few fans here. They would be able to advertise their other shows to fans, everybody wins. I'm not sure how we would go about getting advertisements from Funimation, but we could brainstorm some methods and something good may come of it. It might just be wishful thinking though, who knows.

I am not able to donate at the moment, even though I really want to. I'll try to find companies willing to sponsor, since that's all I can do. :S

@Raizeil - I completely agree. I understand the site's willingness to move away from the anime... and just become 'Colorless' but it seems like an golden opportunity to breathe new life into the site (and increase those coveted ad clicks). If a login splash page helps that, then so be it. That's ultimately a decision for those in the driver's seat though.

@VivoDePyre - Just wanted to comment on your first idea. I've been involved with forums in the past that did something similar. It wasn't recorded like you are suggesting, but since the users wanted to keep the site running, they would click the links... sometimes 100's of times. The problem is that the sponsor is able to determine based on ip address who is clicking the links. When they realized that the forum wasn't generating revenue for them, but rather they were handing away money to people willing to click links like crazy... they revoked their sponsorship. I'm not saying we shouldn't encourage checking out the websites... but let's not go overboard either. Your second idea is solid though.

Here's my idea:

I think it's been mentioned in the past... the idea of having some type of contest for a prize. What about tying server donations in with this idea?

So in other words. A contest for a prize could be held where... in order to participate, you would need to contribute say... $2 - $10 towards server costs. The key thing here though, is to incentivize people to donate the maximum amount.

To give an example of how this would work. Let's say we had a drawing contest. A single submission of a drawing by a user would require they pay $2. Each additional submission would cost $2. So they could submit a total of 5 drawings to be voted on by the community.

This results in a pool of money. A percentage of which goes to server costs... say... 70%? The other 30% goes to the 'prize pool' Once the prize pool reaches a set amount... say $50 or $100 ... then a contest is held.

A separate poll can be created for users to vote on the prize they would like the site to buy and use for the contest.

This requires complete transparency as far as what the server costs are. We also would need a way for users to see what other users are contributing so that we could check each other to make sure no one was submitting more submissions than they paid for...and also to make sure @Admin wasn't skimming anything off the top ;) Sorry @acostoss. Your laser hair removal will just have to wait.

The server costs paid so far as well as the current prize pool could be shown as progress bars somewhere on the site where they are easily visible.

@Fieyr: the problem with that, is that people are cheap skates. The only way the contest would work is if there are enough people participating. You can't simply have 30% of the money the prize, you have to have a set amount to encourage people to participate. Though, your idea in itself is good, I'm just not convinced that there will be enough people to make it happen.

Not a bad idea @Fieyr. If we flush it out and set it in motion, it could do some good. However, I don't know if we have that many confident artists, that we would generate enough money. Perhaps art auctions on the site? I would probably pay for some of the stuff I see on here, and the funds could go to the site.

Brainstorming is the idea though, so good thinking. I like the way you are going.

@Decae - Nonono, I think you misunderstand... it's not 30% of the pool. It's 30% of each donation. The prize will always be $50 or $100 ( a set amount) ... We would just have to wait until enough donations come in such that the 'prize pool' reaches that amount.

But you are absolutely right, it depends on people actually participating. I figure it's better than just looking at people and saying... hey you.. DONATE. We should do something to make them WANT to donate.

Plus... who wouldn't give $2 for a shot at winning this.

Crazy people that's who.

@VivoDePyre - I was just using an art contest as an example... and yes you are absolutely right... that's probably a little too limiting. I can't draw to save my life lol :D

And YES! I was thinking about art auctions as well. I really like that idea.

But yes... please offer suggestions on how to improve my idea and please share your ideas as well.

This talk is very preliminary right now. It's brainstorming time!

@Fieyr: Ah, that's much better, and I do like that idea. However, it would not be great if we could not make a profit on it which could very well happen. But, yes, great idea!

@Decae - Thank ya sir!

Feel free to suggest your ideas to refine and expand the ruleset :3

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