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Donations, Advertisements, New Moderators, and Restructuring (Thread) - Page 3

Also, other members of the community would be able to see these banned sub forums and insert their opinions if they like. However it would be preferable if these posts didn't update the front page. There is no need to get commentary from other users that weren't involved and I think that would unnecessarily drag others in. The moderators would need to make the case for why the person was banned. They should be able to prove that a rule was violated. If they can and other moderators agree with the decision, regardless of whether the decision is popular or not, then end of story. You're gone. Either temporarily or permanently depending on the situation.


More great ideas~

First, I like the idea of moderators that own up to their actions, and are known for them in the community. I think that the idea of admin/mod accounts is counter-productive, as it strengthens the line between moderator and user, something I'd like to avoid. It's my belief that moderators are normal users that work harder for the community. They are not special, they can still fuck up, and they still need to own up to it. They should be able to be known as "the douchebag mod" or "the motherly mod", just as Shiro is known as a motherly member, and Pato is known to be abrasive as fuck. By washing away these personalities from the mods/admins, and making them into only figureheads, you open up an area for lack of trust, and general dislike for the moderators, something I'd like to avoid.

Next, I am working on getting public logs, along with a "why they were kicked/banned" field, ready for when we announce the new mods/restructuring, etc. Until then, I could make a thread, hidden from the front page, on which users can post their concerns about being kicked/banned/ etc.

I want to know that the ones being kicked/banned know who kicked/banned them.

In fact, I'd like the kick-screen shown to kicked users to be customizable with an additional "Reason for kick" line.
Like, instead of having the simple "kick user" popup, which only prompts for a name, it should also prompt for a "Reason" to clarify.

@acostoss - Point taken. Makes sense. I was just trying to think of ways to make the job of moderating easier. I feel bad that moderators have to give up their lives as just a regular user... always being turned to for help, always being challenged when someone doesn't agree with their decision. I guess that's what you sign up for though.

And yeah I like the reason for kick/ban idea as well. That needs to be implemented in the forums as well as the chat.

Hell, if you have a solid brain, moderation isn't really hard at all.
The biggest issue is making sure that the rules and guidelines are well written and give moderators the necessary backing for their decisions and the sanctions imposed on misbehaving users.
Right now, they're a whacky construct that doesn't hold against the troll masses and excessive bitching

Pretty much what @acostoss said. Being a moderator is not, and should not be easy. People who apply should know what they are applying for, including the responsibilities and the respect involved. Mods shouldn't need a mask to hide behind. Members should have the right to know their mods and to know who is banning them and for what reason.

oi, that were my words as well on the mod app thread and before ;A;
Ninja Mods aren't what we're looking for, yo

Ninja mod sounds kind of badass though. >_<

I feel that being a mod changes a person's interaction with the community, but it's not liking being a cop in a low income neighborhood. People might respect you, others might dislike the power, but you'll still mostly be represented by your actions and statements. Any person with integrity and responsibility will not be viewed as a different person because they have more power, unless their friends are often bordering the realm of rule breaking.

I've donated thrice now. I'm hoping at 5, I'll have a statue built in my honor.

At 15, I want my own action figure.

Just donated $40~

Beat that!

What's the cost for the server per month?

It's running at about $60.

Gotcha. I'll see what I can do tomorrow as far as donating.

$60 is pre-ads. I think we're getting about $20-$30 from ads, but I have nothing to base that upon, save for a bit of estimation.

Once I get credit card or paypal I will donate

Alright, seems I misunderstood a couple things, and passed them on to you guys. They will be cleared up in the next news post, due within the week. I'm really swamped with work, I hope you guys understand <3

I just donated for you guys it's not much but hell it'll do<3

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