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Do you play an instrument? Want to? What kind? (Thread)

Well, this post is just to talk about or post what kind of instruments you play, or WANT to play.
I have no musical background, but someday I dream of playing to drums, violin, cello, guitar, bass guitar and the piano OTL...

What about you?

I'd like to say that I play drums but I'm not any good at it yet. I have lots to learn haha, I don't even have the stamina to play an entire song from the start...

Trumpet, Ukulele and Piano~ My Ukulele broke recently. Hopefully I will get another one soon... :<

I used to play the violin, guitar, and piano.

But among many other things, I forgot how.

As a child I have taken piano lessons but failed a couple of days later as I had no interest in learning at the time. In high school I have played the saxophone. Right now I am planning on buying a bass guitar and start learning but I need to save enough money first.

I started with the clarinet in 4th grade and played in the band. After a year, I got bored with it and switched to the oboe. Played that for three years but couldn't maintain it because I couldn't make my own reeds. Now I'm playing the alto saxophone.

I played the trumpet from 4th grade until the end of frshman year. I completly forgot how, I think I hav'nt tried playing since I quit. But I have completely forgot how to read sheet music (for the most part)

Hey there.
I started at a young age with a toy piano. Then my grandparents bought a small keyboard and i started to learn by myself. After that came the guitar. My mother and her brothers and sister had one each, so i could learn with no problems. My mom started teaching me when i was five. I stopped when i was 9. I forgot about music then, my interests changed back then.
It was 6 years ago when i started playing the keyboard again, iwas really happy about that, i thought i was really good.
2 years ago i started playing in a band, it was really cool, because there, i noticed that i could sing. That same year i rediscovered the guitar. It became my favourite instrument, so much that i worked last year's vacation to buy a new one.
Now, i'm experimenting with bass, drums, the tambourine and many others. Music now is my life (well i'm 17 so it's like a really good hobby)

I play the Ukulele.
Except I lost mine and need a new one.
And the paper bag. Can't forget the paper bag.
I played the violin from 2nd-4th grade. And then I stopped.

I play the violin, usually, but I've recently taken up piano for a bit. It sure is easier to pick up, but oh god suddenly chords what is this magic, it's like suddenly I need to know music theory to improvise (or guesstimate, badly, though I am getting better at that).

Violin, I just don't practice enough. I fiddle along to some songs, from time to time, but other than that, eh. I am not very good at sight-reading, playing mostly by ear. I really should learn proper sight-reading some day.

I guess I also play recorder, but anything beyond the first three notes of the second octave, I only play badly.

@Daikon @AkiraSaki

Ukulele~! Do a two-ukulele-duet~!

@halcy I don't have a ukulele right now because I lost it D':!

I play violin, though I'm not that great at it :)

Piano and Guitar, pretty good at piano but suck at guitar :D

I play piano,guitar,bass,and tromone. But I'm very weak at guitar. XD

i play the guitar, but ima bit rusted because lately i had hardly any time to practice.

@One If you want to learn to play bass I recommend you learn guitar first. You'll get a way better understanding of the bass... at least I took that advice and it worked for me!

Only guitars and basses, though i never really had any confidence with my skills, i always stunned when seeing someone playing it, and always thought that whoever playing is better than me..

I play cello and I started about 6 years ago when I was in the 3rd grade. I still play it now and get lessons but I barely ever practice. I'm not in any orchestras or anything so I never perform in front of anyone; it's feeling like a dead end since I'm not putting any of my experience into use. It's kind of a shame, I used to really enjoy playing the instrument in the 6th grade but for the last 3 years I just haven't felt anything but irritation while I play it.
I'm considering quitting but that'd be a waste :/


Hm, kind of similar to what I felt like a few years ago. Keep at it, really. Try to play songs you really like, don't force yourself to play, but have the instrument ready at all times, so you can play if you suddenly feel like it. It shouldn't feel like a bother~

I play guitar, Been playing for 5 or 6 years. Kinda want to start and band and also learn bass.. and drums and piano.

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