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An event,maybe?**Poll to come once we eliminate ideas (Thread)

National Colorless Day is next month(July 31)~!8D
ANYWAY- I was hoping we could have some sort of special event or something to ,I dont know, Celebrate the day?
Just a wild idea I pulled out ,but would it be too much to even consider it?
You can submit ideas over chat when I am on or on the thread. I will update this each day.

Possible Ideas:
-A Cool Button like we had on I think Valentines Day(Rabu Button)

-Games Day: Different games can be posted on the site and brand new ones because most of the old favorites like "1,2,3 RAPE!" are Dead and Offensive apparently.

-(Submitted bye Fieyr and I-cause Im tweaking it-) A HUGE collage of all the Colorless avatars and they spell the word,"Colorless Day" or "Colorless". This could be featured on the main page for everyone to see and try to find their avatar.
/DISCLAIMER*** Sorry if this seems like the TinyChat and their collage. We apologize.
*SIMILAR: A Collage of the "About Us" or world "Colorless" with the hands of the members.

-A FINISHED Colorless Manga or Animation. Something to celebrate and showcase the Colorless in a way.

-(Submitted by Cloud) A Dance Collab with everyone willing to participate.

-A 30 metronome part from everyone and then we mixx them together, with some overlapping the others. The final product would be a beat<3

-COLORLESS AUCTION: Highest Donation would get to have anything they wish that is legal and actually possible. For Example, Mairu donates $50 and is the highest. She could ask for every Mod to dress up in a Maid Outfit and show her the evidence and upload it for her<3

-(Submited by Fieyr..Again) A video blog of different members and why they like the Colorless,what they do for the community, why they are "colorless:,etc.

-(Submited by TK-421) Everyone changes their Avatar to a picture of their face.

-(By MrTrain) Collaborative video of Colorless Members acting,or not, drunk and spilling advice of things to come.

YES. I like this idea.

I'd do...something. I dunno. As long as it doesn't take much effort. :P

I'm in for the avatar collage. Haha.
How about a collaborative video of Colorless members acting (or maybe not acting) drunk, as we spew words and advice for the days to come?

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