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Bored of Colourless (Thread)

Ever get tired of all the immature people or dumb threads? Well this is the place to rant about them.

Mind you, making threads to rant about immaturity isn't much better. If you want to see more maturity, make mature threads and talk about smart things in chat. The community is driven by it's people, and making complaint threads only drives the community in the direction of complaining. I've said it before multiple times, "be the change you wish to see in the world"... well, community in this case. Ghandi quote.

I like turtles.

I is InsaneBoredGame. I are colorless member~

Yes, I will continue to make this joke.

try doing something mature for a change~

by god vivo your like a shining beacon of light which i fell in love with :3

jk jk

Do as Vivo said.

With Durarara premiering this Saturday expect a whole new class of immature. We will be barraged by Shizaya this, Kida-kun that, and maybe a few might try the color gang idea for the hundredth time. Lets just enhance the quality of our threads, make the newer newfags know this is not a community for brainless dolts and BS. The ones who survive the initial swarm will be the real deal, a whole new class of colorless while the others will fade into the net.

@Settsuo-kun - that was kind of poetic.

I'm looking forward to the wave of new users. Maybe we should make a thread for new people to say they came here after watching Drrr on Adult Swim in order to get a headcount.

We have like three threads like this.

Please check to see if there's a similar topic before making a thread.

Aye, I'm bored of Colourless as well. I mean...
My browsers can't seem to find anything there! how boring!

But aye, what @canon said, enough of these threads already around (ironically, those complaining are mostly still around as well).

Also, we have a lot of people trying to make this place entertaining for others, either by agitating chat, starting projects and bringing on good threads.
It's your fault for not looking out for them or only taking instead of giving once in a while.
If you want activity on your interests, start a thread on these instead of complaining.

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