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Saved by a Kiss! (Thread)

A boy threatening to throw himself to his death has been rescued by a girl who tricked bystanders into thinking she was his girlfriend so as to get close, at which point she embraced and kissed him, allowing his rescue.

Chinese media reports the 16-year-old boy mounted a Guandong province pedestrian bridge, intending to cast himself off and to his death.

Witnessing this, a 19-year-old woman told bystanders she was in fact his girlfriend, and was allowed to approach the suicidal lad in order to talk him down. The pair had never met before.

Rather than a lengthy remonstration with the agitated boy, she soon opted for a more direct approach, embracing the boy and kissing him.

The pause allowed rescue workers to rush forward and drag him to safety, ending the drama.

The boy’s suicidal impulse is said to have stemmed from family troubles – divorced parents, a sickly elder sister and withdrawal from school all contributed to his low spirits, it is said.

The Chinese media and Internet has feted the young woman, who works the front desk at a local hotel, for her bravery and initiative. She only says she “wanted him to recognise the foolishness of his act, as I’ve done foolish things myself.”

Just goes to show that there are people out there who care for the sake of others; complete strangers even.

Keep your head up and your mind open, kiddos!

Saw this on ANN yesterday. It's amazing the effect one person can have if they simply take a step out of their comfort zone to make a difference.

She just likes shouta.

Way to cheered on for being a pedo! 8D

Well I'm sure he has a new reason to live now :D

LOL @Kyuu

Although I commend her for her bravado and for her heart, she was kind of stupid though, it could have gone badly both for her and the boy. And now he will be known as the kid who tried to kill himself. Its going to be a tough road.

Interesting story all in all. So if there are any other suicidal boys out there, I am more than willing to kis- I mean save them!

@Shirosuke - Hey. Better to be known as the kid that tried to kill himself than it is to be known as the kid that succeeded in killing himself.

And I don't think it's right to label her as stupid, or even "kind of stupid". I mean if my little sister or brother were about to fall, and I had to put myself in danger to save them... I'd do it in a heart beat. Would you say I was stupid for wanting to save my family? This girl should be commended for her willingness to save another life, regardless of whether or not she knows them. Granted her method was a little unusual... but in a life or death situation... you do whatever it takes.

I don't think I'll be that brave, well... braveness can sometimes come out as an impulse though.

He wasn't gonna jump anyways.

Real men jump and ask worldly questions later.


Wait, im totally about to jump off right now and end it all.

Though she did it for the right reasons, I kind of doubt her methods, but nonetheless, she has saved a life. And it might be possible that this boy will even be able to fight through all of that.
An interesting but weird story, I really wonder what went through her or especially his mind while all this happend. That boy must have been confused like hell.

But @Shirosuke already pointed it out, there might be a chance that this boy will not be able to go through this unharmed. His problems did not change through all this, they got kind of worse instead.
Though I think the similar in regards of "what will happen to this boy now". It's clear that this is a truly brave woman, most of the people would not have done anything and then this life would've been lost forever. So @Fieyr is absolutely right as well, trying to save lives is really important nowadays. Glad to hear that there are more people out there who think that way.

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