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Announcements: Updates, DRRR!! on [as], and more! (Thread)

Updates and apologies.

Hey! First up, it's time for a couple clarifications on what I had said last week.

Sadly, I was mistaken in a couple of my figures, and hope you guys forgive me. From speaking with our dev, I was mistaken in thinking that we are in more dire straits than we are.

While we are not yet in financial trouble, we are losing advertisers, which means we may be, in the near future. As such, we opened donations as a safety net, not as a "save Colorless" button. I thought that things were worse than they were, and thus misinformed you. As such, if you wish to be refunded, we can refund you.

Now, if you do not, as I chose not to, we could do prizes for CL contests, such as maybe a voucher to J-list/J-Box, a CD, the English Dub/sub DVDs of Durarara!!, or what have you. These are just a couple of the ideas we have been throwing around, and I'd be happy to implement them. If you guys have any ideas on this, feel free to tell me about them~

Now, as for those that have donated, I have handed out the supporter badges, which are viewable on your profile. These will be given to anyone that donates to TheColorless, for whatever amount. Any donations are helpful, and they all add up. I'd like to personally thank @Leanny, @Xyopq, @n1xx, @Stormkun, and @Settsuo-kun for your help. It really means a lot to us, and will really be helpful.

Durarara on [as]

With Durarara!! showing on the [adult swim] programming block on Cartoon Network, we can expect an influx of new users. Many of them will be young, and may not know much about the internet, proper forum etiquette, many other things. As such, I will be preparing a Beginner's Primer, detailing everything they need to know, to get up and running on TheColorless, with ease. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I also ask that you bear with them, and try your best to help them, without being too mean. There's a difference between being assertive and being an ass about it, and I hope you can stay on the nicer side of that fence, when dealing with the uninformed. Our moderators, including myself, will also be working extra hard to curb the inevitable 'Is this like the Dollars?' threads, among many other things that you ought to remember well from when DRRR!! was airing in Japan.

Thank you for your help, guys~

Spoiler tags

As for site-related updates, we now have spoiler tags. With these, you can hide spoilers, making it to where someone can only see it, if they wish to. I ask that you do this for any spoilers for Durarara, that have not been shown on Adult Swim, to help the new users out a little.

If you do not use spoiler tags in your thread, at least have a little note telling any prospective readers that there may be spoilers ahead.

Now, you don't need to just use this for Durarara-related things. You're free to use it for anything that may be considered a spoiler, such as how aeris dies

You make a spoiler like putting "--" around your spoiler, like this:

--This is a spoiler--

This would create: this is a spoiler


Finally, I'd like to do a little shout-out to certain troll groups, dedicated to 'Fucking Colorless Over'. Your little circle-jerks are idiotic, your tactics childish, and I must say that I am disappointed in the great many of you. I expected more of you guys, not to be stabbed in the back, had false rumors spread, and calls demeaning names such as 'acostpiss'. You are entitled to your opinion, and that doesn't phase me. It just angers me to think I actually trusted the lot of you.

Luckily, though, I am above those petty games. I will be sending PMs to a great many of you, going into greater detail. Your names will not be given to the masses, only to the moderators, if you choose to act mature. I will not be allowing you to be promoted to moderator, as I cannot trust you. I hope you make the right decision, guys.

Also, if you're going to organize something, at least do it privately, not on a public social networking site, or somewhere else that is much harder for me to track. You made this too easy, at least put up a fight.

So, to recap, I'd like ideas on prizes for contests, possible contests, and what should go in the "Newbie Primer".

First two points had me cheering, Spoiler tags made me literally cry.
a) Will they work for pictures or other non-text content?
b) What I and @n1xx agreed on would be great were Spoiler tags as seen in other forums, like buttons you click to expand content, rather than hovering over a hidden text.

Part of the idea was better structure on more elaborate threads and projects as opposed to only hide plot-spoilers.
So my question is: Is this a temporary solution or is the 'expanding'-solution being dropped now?
(example of the expanding-solution over here).

Oh, and is it only me or is the font in the reply box much smaller now, and the markdown-explanation (wow, we got it finally!) has an error regarding the links?
I've always used [URL] (Text), not Text. Does it work both ways? :'D

Anyway, good job, as to be expected of you, 'acostpiss' (srsly, who thinks of such a stupid name?)

@DarkChaplain I think it doesn't work both ways, but the documented way definitely works! Text

Hell yes.

Wow, it actually does work both ways? Weird.

Okay, the difference is that LINK (TITLE) does not need [] around the Title while the documented variant needs both [] and () as it seems

Testing multiline stuff:


You'll know who, soon enough.

Text is smaller, which I do like.

I'll speak to Gargron about getting the spoiler boxes, but I didn't see too much use for them, though you are right in saying they can be great for projects and whatnot. I think I just forgot about it, even having read of it in the Skype convo.

As for pictures it seems not.


Yay, I'll get another PM~

Smaller text seems a bit too small for my taste, tbh, smaller than the text you'll see after posting, kinda unusual.

Please talk to him, as especially for stuff like our Spiral Knights thread, where you find massive lists, or longer discussions, boxes are simply a much more profitable.

That doesn't mean I dislike the Spoilers though, as they're simple and can be used inside of texts, rather than seperating them.
Ideally I'd like to have both to use for our users.

Oh, and seeing @Dave's experiment, pictures seem to work! 8D of course, larger pictures would profit from boxes as well

I think that link(title) is leftover from before we had markdown, and that's why it works.
Images work in the form of "-- link --", with the spaces around the link.

@Acostoss he'd better not clean that link-relic up! I think a hell lot of people have been using it that way since it was implemented and totally disregarded the markdown way~
Yup, pictures need spaces, but they work

Correct me if I'm wrong, but do you mean that the donated money will be used on prices instead of helping the community stay alive?

If I had donated money to the site I would want it to be used on the site and not on prices for other users. Sure, I could donate money for prices, no problem. I just want to know where my money goes.

Anyways, keep the good work up!

Oh Spoiler tags... nice...

Beginner's primer? Just sticky this

and add in a few chat tips, and we are set to go. Though chat is always chaotic so.. Yeah at least forums XD


It isn't really set in stone, yet. I would just like to gauge feedback. If noone wants the money to go to that, we won't. If you noticed, I even offered to refund all of the donator's money, and, if you so wish, I'll fund it myself.


Naw, it's going to be more CL-centric, naming off the rules, showing you how to get a Gravatar, stuff like that.

@acostoss Actually stuff like that is included in the welcome e-mail already

Everything sounds great. Keep up the good work.

I like the idea of contests, but perhaps you should add an option for donations of where it should go to. Like, a choice between "donate to keep the site alive" vs. "donate toward site events" vs "I don't care"... or something along those lines. Just to please people like Noodle. Honestly, a lot of people, including me, would like to know where their money is heading.

Oh, and kudos for the spoilers.

Oh my god Acostoss! Thanks so much! I LOVE YOU!! This is such a great milestone! Keep up the good work!

Oh! No more thumbs!

I'm gonna miss them, but I also happen to like their disappearance.

Meh, not being able to upvote @Kirn will be painful ;____;

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