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OH MY GAWD thank you very much at our developer and you @acostoss, god heavens, finally some spoiler tags!
Now just an option where one is able to see the posts he/she has done in the past and everything's fine. I can't thank you enough so I'm definitely going to donate some money as soon as I have mine. (which hopefully will happen in a few days, if not I'm going to kill certain people)

Yay! Now we can pwnwith spoilers

Case in point~

THIS has been going on for THREE HOURS according to some users.
Already banned, but can't do ANYTHING to kick him off chat.

Just a thought...I'm not an expert on this, but seems like there should be a way for force their login to expire.

We obviously don't want logins to expire for the average rule abiding user... but if we had a login expiry system that mods could activate by kicking/banning, that might do the trick since once they're logged out... if you've banned them... they shouldn't be able to log back in.

@Kirn - That's not a bad idea actually. Landmine gun... So many possibilities...

Joking aside, yeah when I was writing that comment, I was operating under the assumption that since the kick system was broken and since it's taking quite a while to get might be possible, that because of some previous change, that it's not so easy to fix. I was just offering up an alternative a band-aid until it gets fixed properly. That was just a random assumption on my part...

I didn't really make that thought process clear though, so that's my fault.

We just need more people working on the kick.

Does anyone know why it's broken. As already said, it has been a while.

Yaaaaay!! ^_^

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