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Post why Digimon is better than Pokemon(the series) (Thread)

1) Digimon actually has quality drama and build ups, while Ashe is still a shitness little 10 year old.

now someone post 2)~infinity)

I love the pokémon games, fuck this shit.
No seriously, Digimon had better story. At least for the first two seasons or so, I don't remember it very well. Pokémon just never ends... Or moves on.

Everything is better than the Pokemon anime

This isn't even a discussion

I liked the original Pokemon and the original Digimon when I was younger. Even now that I'm older I still watch Pokemon every once in a while, but I am so lost whenever I try to watch Digimon. It's gotten so confusing. Pokemon on the other hand hasn't really changed, but then again it's pretty much the same old story over and over again with a few new characters and Pokemon or whatever. It get's boring after a while.
The Pokemon games are pretty fun though. Lol.

I cried last time I watched Digimon.

On our school's field day we had nearly half the school in one room watching Digimon the Movie. That's how much our school loves Digimon.
Pic related. It's the best digimon

Digimon had the emotional buildup, and even though the later seasons kinda degraded, they still had solid plots and drama to keep going.
They had proper endings, they taught morals, they showed you how important friendship is and how great it is to have people believe in you.

Now Pokemon, on the other hand. A 10 year old boy goes out in the world, his mother wishes him good luck in a world full of wild animals where not even food is explained (in Digimon even the monsters had to eat, and a lot at that).
Pokemon had a good start, but then it got completely abandoned and caught in an endless loop.

The first season actually had a goal, Ash wanted to win the cups and stuff.
Then SUDDENLY after he failed, there is a new part of the world, and then another one. A leading pokemon researcher who knows so many collegues out in the world does not even know about the pokemon across borders, wow.

Really now, Digimon had a direction in every season. The plots always were more fulfilling than Pokemon, and it had major buildups and twists.

Every Digimon season is about saving the world. Ash only saves the world in the movies. Ash is also trapped in his 10 year old body. Digimon can talk and can switch between being ridiculously massive to pet sized. The digivice is badass. Over the years though, Digimon deteriorated into something that shouldn't even be continued anymore.

Yamachi > AshXBrock.


No seriously, Digimon 1 and 2 are still some of my fave anime... There was character... Adventure... suspense and I was always worried about the kids making it home.

In Pokemon, you always Know Ash and Co are just fine on their own in the Pokeworld XD

Digimon has an evoution song while pokemon has none..

That alone should be enough .__.

@Kuroba_Loki I must say it was quite annoying to watch like 10 of them evolve not even at the same time. It killed good 3 min of our time.

Good point, in Digimon, characters actually died!

^ WIN. ^

what else can i say? pretty much everythign has been said..
oh yeah, digimon had the mythic-based m0nsters too.

@Tiamoko You still get on Colorless? Could you sense there was a Digimon conversation lol?

Digimon is more nostalgic for me, because as a child I was not allowed to watch Pokemon. I didn't grow up on Digimon necessarily, in fact, far from. I only got in to Digimon once I entered 3rd grade, but I loved it. I never watched more than one episode of a series consecutively because Toon Disney didn't know how to continuity, but I still loved it. Going back and watching it as a teenager, I realize what drew me to the show. It has emotional buildup, character development, and actual bonds between the children and Digimon. Pokemon's goal is "to catch 'em all" which, for a video game franchise, is alright. But in Digimon, the Digi-Destined get one Digimon with which to bond. They don't use them in "dog-fights" like Pokemon, but the Digimon fight to protect the kids, and the kids take care of their Digimon.
Also as a kid I had a huge crush on Joe Kido.

@Yotsuba you see that? I would upvote you if it wasn't removed.

@canon It was late and I was getting bored of Persona 3

While I agree with what everyone is saying about Digimon and it's character development, emotional buildup, etc I feel like those same things existed in the first season or two of Pokemon. No one here has probably even watched past Johto and while I agree the show has dragged on that's solely because of the games and wanting to keep up with them. If Digimon had started with the same success as Pokemon and had a game with a story instead of just a virtual pet I'm sure it would have been met with the same fate. Also whenever people are comparing Digimon to Pokemon they only ever compare Digmon Adventure 01, 02 to the entirety of Pokemon. That's not entirely fair. If you're going to compare Digimon to Pokemon then it should be the whole series and I know there aren't as many fans of Tamers or Frontier, especially Frontier. In the first season of Pokemon it wasn't even really about catching them all, just a kid going on an adventure to be the very best like no one ever was. Ash wasn't special and he started with a Pokemon everyone considered weak. You wanted to root for Ash, I know I did and you saw the bonds between Ash, Pikachu, Brock, and Misty grow as they went on these adventures together. It was great and to say these elements didn't exist in Pokemon is ridiculous also I liked the music better, more emotional IMO.

TL;DR Pokemon seasons 1 and 2 were just as good as Digimon Adventure. However neither can hold a candle to Pokemon Special.

@Tiamoko: Frontier was actually the first one I watched, and it remains my favourite. The newer Digimon series aren't as good as the first, but comparing the entirety of Digimon and to the entirety of Pokemon shows how good those seasons were as well. And the only emotional Pokemon episode I can remember was episode 1 and a few gym leaders. After that it was... meh.

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